Friday, January 8, 2010

the universal word...

in the past couple of days, the news of Church arsonings took the limelight. for most, it was easy to blame the so called 'religious extremists' as the perpetrators but i on the other refuses to be a part of the majority unless proven otherwise simply for the simplest reasons which would be explained later in this entry.

seven Churches were arsoned and the root of the unfortunate incidents stemmed from a specific word which sparked the outrage of the few religious communities. i mean, all these could've been avoided should everyone remained level headed and use a bit of their rationality in dealing with the situation...but apparently, for the perpetrators, succumbing to their raging primal instinct was the better solution compared to using a tiny portion of their God given mind.

but what irked me the most was the fact that these so-called religious people who seemingly acted to fight for religion weren't exactly fighting for what they believe in, they were just puppets influenced by certain political leaders for political mileage proving over and over again the nation's political status-quo hasn't changed much since its inception...sad but true...then again, these group of people isn't to be entirely blamed for it, the other party which was the cause of all these rucous should be blamed as well. in short, both sides are to be blamed...

there isn't much for me to say about what had happened, all i want to say is that throughout my adolescent years of being surrounded by Muslim friends and families, i came to love the religion as much as i love mine. i remember a time when i was 15 years old, my friends and i would be discussing religion, exchanging what we understood from our own beliefs and respecting each other's opinion on the basis of the similarities between our different yet similar religions. maybe that's what everyone should be focusing on, the common grounds rather than the differences because at the end of the day, wether we want to admit it or not, we are servants and children of the same Almighty being.

and i stand corrected that, religion is not to be blamed here but the people who misinterprets and taking its meaning literally..the culprits who think they truly understand the word of God when in fact they're still at loss to what the Almighty really wants them (us) to do, a confused group just like the rest of the population. then again, we are only humans. if only there was a nation which is focused on understanding what religion really is, a nation where differences really doesn't matter...i bet, if all religious leaders gather together and compare notes, 90% of the world's problem would be solved.
i shouldn't be saying more, a few readings from these sites would be more worthwhile...

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open up your eyes everyone, we are all the same in God's eyes...mortals with confused souls...ciao.

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