Saturday, November 27, 2010

a rodent's life is still a life...

the first thing i noticed when i went through today's paper was this headline 'Rodent Threat' published in the STAR's Star Metro section only because i was interested with how are they going to deal with the issue and also i'm a sucker when it comes to animals. cruelty to rats is still animal cruelty to me.

anyhow, it's only natural for humans to be disgusted by these furry rodents. aside from its growth spurt which can be as big as a house cat and their mean look, these animals are also the harbinger of death famously known for its deadly piss, the main cause for leptospirosis (i think..maybe i should do my homework haha).

anyhow, the reports have shown the booming numbers of rat infestation in klang valley and sentul and also, quite tactfully, potrayed these places a dumpsite. i mean, isn't it obvious? and what actually ticked me off was, they're blaming the rats for procreating! which rat wouldn't want to continue their family legacy here, it's a haven for them hahaha.

it's fine to express dissatisfaction over this matter, but it's not fine at all if you're blaming the rats for the problem when in fact, the problem could be dealt with if everyone played their part in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in their areas. don't be expecting the municipal councils to do the clean up job because even if they're under the taxpayers' money to do the dirty job, they're still human. they're being paid to keep the city clean, not to clean up our mess. it's like hiring someone to clean up our ass after taking a dump.

the best they can do is to clear up the area at designated times (not everyday!) and everyone have to lend a hand in keeping the place clean after the clean up. it's a matter of taking responsibility on your own compund and area. but maybe these people doesn't understand this, and if they don't, i could safely say that they have a very weak family foundation and thoroughly selfish and can only hope that their home inside is as messy as it is the person themselves.

one thing that people don't realize is that, these rodents have lived far longer than any humans and they're generally adeptable to their surrounding. poisons wont work effectively because over a period of time being exposed to such chemicals, they would be immune to the effect and thus creating a super-rat which would take more than designated poisons to eliminate them.

there're certain cultures, especially in Asia where people consume these rodents as delicacies, it's not only served deliciously on a dish but it also serves as a control and preventative measure over the rat population. maybe we should serve these critters in restaurants, in that way we wont have to worry about running low on meat hahaha. then again, just to remind you guys that rat consumption is not allowed for both Islam and Christian...and Jewish i suppose (for Christians, refer to Leviticus 11:29).

what i'm trying to say here is that, before we blame our municipal for not doing their work or blame the RODENTS for existing (which most dumbassess do), just remember that it only takes a little effort to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Be a responsible society.

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