Saturday, March 16, 2013

A moment of update :D

Just for everyone's info, I am no longer working in Putrajaya. I've moved back to my hometown in Kota Kinabalu since July last year (of which most aren't still informed of the fact except for few good friends and family) and it feels so damn good :D.

The only downside (for me :p) was I had to live with my parents for several months before moving into my own place. It's not that I dislike my parents or family for that matter, it's just that I am much more comfortable living all by myself.

Well, the other reason is that, my sister just gave birth several months back and my cats' presence aren't welcome there, so by hook and by crook, I had to leave...not that it matters much :). Just a few updates, I now have 3 adult cats staying with me and with the recent birth of a kitten, that makes four feline companions.

I think that's all for now and will be actively blogging again..hopefully..and this time, nothing about politics or animal rights or human stupidity unless I'm really bugged by them. It's back to square one where I'll be chronicling the journey of my non-exciting single life! :D

binging on marshmallows while typing this entry.
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