Sunday, April 13, 2008

David Archuleta- The Next Idol

okay, i'm not the kinda guy who goes for all these reality tv shows. but after listening to this Archuleta guy singing, i kinda fell in love with his voice :).

he has a great voice, and browsing through youtube gave me a chance to see him perform aside from his AI stage breaks and everytime i listen to him sing my heart somehow melts (this is not an exaggeration hehe). it's as if his innocence, sincerity and passion flows through in his songs.

i may be impartial when it comes AI cos i dont watch the others perform, only DA makes the show worth watching hahaha. frankly speaking, the rest of the contestants doesnt really attract me. they sing for the sake of singing (i know they're good), but in DA's case, he sings cos he loves doing it and it shows. winning doesnt seem to matter to him (heck, i bet he's still gonna be a singer even if he lost..and a damn popular one at it :)).

the only other male artist which has ever made me feel this way is Michael Buble (still love the dude hehe), but comparing the both of them in terms of whois better wouldnt be fair to either one :p. for me, both of them are similar in many ways but on a different level :). one obvious similarity is that, they sing their hearts out and thats the only thing i look at when listening to other people sings. heck, if Buble were to come down to Malaysia to perform i wouldnt think twice about getting the tickets hehe :p.

yeah, i may sound like an infatuated schoolboy rambling about stuff like these, in a way, i their voice that is hehe. but enough rambling, enjoy this you tube of DA performing :).

ciao peeps :)..

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