Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday rambling...

yesterday's charity event left me exhausted, and hard as i try to get some rest i couldn't get my eyes to shut. in the end, i spent my time logging on to the internet watching my animes online until way past midnight.

when i woke up this morning, i felt a pain on my left arm..couldnt raise it nor stretch it like i would normally do when i wake up every morning. crap, seems like i've pulled a muscle or two after the tug of war we had yesterday...which means i wont be able to do much exercise again probably for the whole week. then again, i've been getting scratches and bruises and i dont remember where i got them or how i got them...its a small mattter anyway, nothing to fuss about :).

well, for the past weeks (nearly a month) i've been avoiding from consuming anything alcoholic (except for that one time when i had to judge the cocktail/bartender skills) and i've been doing some exercises such as sit-ups and light jogs. Apparently, prior to this i had regained my earlier weight of 87 kg after taking a break from any form of physical exercises for 2 whole months, and after the 3 weeks of exercises and dieting, i'm finally down to 80 kg. my goal is to be 75 kg by end of April hehe. what i really need to do now is to start going to the gym, and i was thinking of doing that after i've reached my weight goal :).

anyway, i planned on sleeping in until the afternoon on this Sunday. but after having used to waking up early every morning, i had to abandon the plan :P. the moment i woke up, i logged into the internet to check my emails and proceeded with my online anime. and then it hit me, i've been relying too much on the internet too pass my time that if one day we decided to cancel this account i would probably go crazy of boredom (well, not exactly..i still have my sketch book and paperbacks to kill time hehe).

i used to rely on the internet (specifically saying my networking sites and blogging platforms) to gather new acquaintances. but dont get me wrong, i wasnt looking for anything in particular. i just wanted to see how many people i befriended shares the same views and beliefs as i do, sadly none haha. i did find other lonely people out there, but their loneliness isnt on the same level as mine. their loneliness are more to desperately seeking for attention cum searching for love whilst my loneliness was...a choice i have chosen for myself, a self induced loneliness hehe.

nowadays, my internet needs are more to checking emails/messages, follow up on the world news, updating my blogs, paying bills and watching animes. other than that, i dont think i have any use for the internet. probably losing interest is just another one of the signs of becoming old hehe (but even if i do get to live to an old age, i dont think i would ever get tired of watching cartoons haha).

honestly speaking, i really have no idea what to do today. you might think that i should go out and spend time with my friends, but you know what...i'm not exactly bored to the point of i need to be with someone just because i'm alone hehe. might probably continue watching my anime after this, take a nap before going to church later this evening and go for a jog after that. hmmm, sounds fun right? welcome to my world hehe.

ciao peeps, may you have a good Sunday today :)

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