Saturday, April 12, 2008

another charity event...

Today is one of those days where mingling with people brings meaning to my life. we held another charity event especially for the Sabah Society of the Blind and i must say, as tired as i was with it, i had a really good time.
the fact that i was actually helping these people having fun while at the same time having fun myself was a gratification to the max. but ignore the fun part, it's what i learned from them which matters :).
most of us here are born with a complete physique and senses, but about 97% of our time we take granted of what we have. none of us really appreciate the things which has been given to us, we keep complaining about our appearance and keep trying to change how we should look.

what i've learned from these people is that, appearance doesnt really matter. cos what we see isnt exactly what needs to be seen, we may be good looking on the outside but the plain fact is is only skin deep, what matters is the person inside.

in this event, we held several games..and it amazed me how these people were capable to participate in these games without being able to see. but one thing that touched me the most is their ability to lead life like any fully able person does. they run, they laugh, they work and they have fun, and throughout my observation i noticed none of them cared much about their handicap. furthermore, their self confidence is something to be saluted, and this is purely visible from the young ones. they weren't shy to come up to people and speak their mind.

i had a chance to chat with one of the kids, i didnt plan to make small talk with them cos i was only interested in observing. well, this 11 year old kid was sitting beside me when he asked about the orang utan at our Nature Reserve. it started out simply like this:

'how many orang utans do you have here?', he asked catching me off guard because only adults would ask me that kinda questions.

'7, but they're all babies...', i replied nonchalantly.

'babies?, where are the adults?'

'we dont keep adult orang utans here, when they come of age they would be sent to Sandakan', at this point, the conversation seemed to interest me. i no longer wanted to speak to him like a kid, i was ready to answer all of his questions in the same manner i would reply to an adult.

'Sandakan? at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre?'

'yeah, how did you know of the place?

'it's in the text book. isnt it strange for us to be 97% similar with them, they're the closest thing to us humans than any other animals. why do you think that is?'...okay, this reply surprised me. not everyone knows of this trivial fact, including the adults. most people just doesnt bother to read facts like these anymore...

'well, i'm not too sure about that. God works in mysterious ways', i replied feeling a bit embarassed myself.

after that topic, we had a lengthy conversation but mostly about him because i was interested to know about his lifestyle. Apparently, he's one smart kid, always the first in his class, he leads quite a normal life despite his eyesight. no one really teases him for being blind, and everyone around him is supportive of what he does. in other words, a very normal one indeed.

after the event has ended, i imagined what it would be like if i were to become blind..and i came to a conclusion that it would take me many years to get used to not being able to see (that is if i dont commit suicide first hahaha). then again, come to think of a way, i am blind. my ignorance has blinded me to see what needs to be seen around me. i only see what i want to see, not what needs to be seen. but i hope, in time..i would wake up with my eyes wide open and see this world in its entirety and complexities. and when that time comes, be rest assured my sarcasm would definitely be right on the spot so be prepared hahaha...for the time being, i'll remain blind for my own good :)..
enjoy my pics muahahaha :D

ps: i look kinda old for my age dont i? hehe..
ciao peeps..

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