Friday, April 11, 2008

ethos in question...

to forgive and forget or to forgive is to forget? i think most of us has been in this situation before haven't we, and all of us has our own way of dealing with it. so which one is it, the former or the latter? :)

forgiving the people who crossed us is relatively easy, but face it...the act of forgiving in itself depends on the degree of pain or hurt we were subjected to. therein lies the question wether is it possible to forget the matter after pardoning their actions.
human brains are unique, it has a capacity to store everything which we have gone through not only in the physical aspect but also emotionally and mentally. we refrain from playing with fire after the first burn we got when we were kids, we refrain from calling people names after we've experienced what's it like to be called names and we refrain from thinking of hurting others for fear we may well act on it. we refrain from doing all these because we remember the ramifications of our own actions.

so is it still possible to forget stuff after it has made an impression in us deeply? personally i think, forgetting an event depends on the time we spent mulling over the matter. the more we think about it, the deeper the impression gets and the longer we'll get over it. but getting over it isnt the same as forgetting what had happened, certain degree of pain just cant be forgotten...we just deal with it in our own unique ways.

forgiving or granting forgiveness is much easier to do, but even so the act itself takes time. you can't expect to be forgiven right after committing a so called unforgiveable mistake. time is needed to weight the pros and cons of the act itself. questions such as will the same mistake be repeated again? will it make any difference if forgiveness was granted? etc etc has to be considered before granting forgiveness. and after going through it thoroughly would forgiving be meaningful.

in my case, i can forgive..just as long if i was given enough reasons to consider it. but one thing for sure, i dont forget. sounds cold and vengeful doesnt it, good thing i'm not the type who keep grudges :).

so there you go, i'm one of those who forgives but never forget for forgetting a mistake would mean making the same mistake again in the future... :)

geez...what am i rambling about again here? hehehe

ciao peeps :p

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