Monday, May 19, 2008

Something Positive

another one of my favorite past times aside from blog hopping, watching online video and net surfing for irrelevant and random stuff is reading online comics. but as of since 6 years ago, i've been an avid avid reader these two comics: Something Positive and Jack. well, there are other comics that i read through as well, but these two has always been my all time favorites.

Reading Something Positive hasn't been a waste. it has taught me more about wit and sarcasm more than anything and after years of being a fan and practicing it myself, i can finally consider myself as being one of the most despicable guy around hehe, the hell with what they think cos one thing i know from the comic is that...f*** everyone, what matters is what i want and what i like hehehe. but honestly, the only reason i like reading it is because of how they portray the harsh realities of life in humor :).

anyway, if any of you likes this kind of humor, please do click on this link and have fun reading hehehe :)

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