Sunday, June 22, 2008

man...i am smart muahahaha (vanity in action :P)

it's 4am and i'm still wide awake. practically slept the whole day through as i was literally working full day yesterday whence i should be at home by 1pm...stupid site inspection hahaha.

anyhow, i was supposed to join this group of silly people hahaha (mesh, arteo, gidong and jr) for the Jazz festival (love jazz, one of my favorite music genre) held at 1Borneo but due to the lack of sleep from hanging out with the same group last night (in exception of Gdong) and a full day at work, i can barely open up my eyes the moment i plopped onto the bed hahaha (yeah i's my lost sheeshh..). didn't sleep long though, had about 4.5 hours of nap and woke up at about 10pm, would've called up of my friends for the evening's plan but decided otherwise :). so i was homebound the rest of the evening watching my anime and few Japanese movies and drama until i got bored hahaha.

since i couldn't sleep, i decided to watch the euro game but 10minutes after it started i got bored (my bet is still with Holand hahaha) and i was back in front of the PC wondering what else to do on the net :). after much thinking and going through my emails, i tried out the tickle super I.Q test (just felt like being smart once in a while hehehe), took me approximately 45mins to complete all the questions and the verdict is:

jeng jeng jeng.....

Jeremy, your IQ score is 131

Your IQ score is 131. This means that you are smarter than 98.0% of all other Super IQ test takers. (cool eh hehehe)

The way you think about things makes you a Conceptual Synthesizer. This means you easily grasp underlying concepts when learning something new. You're also able to see complex relationships between ideas that are not always apparent to other people. You're very focused in your approach to life and are not easily distracted.

hmm..whatever that means, but what is relatively accurate from this result is this:

Your test results indicate that the way you process information makes you a Conceptual Synthesizer.

You are very skilled at divining the real truth in any situation. You can easily read between the lines (i especially like this hehe) and understand exactly what's going on. When learning something new, you easily grasp the underlying concept. You absorb the basic content, filter out the unimportant information, and then focus on what really matters. You never get distracted by tangential points or irrelevant facts.

This acute focus makes you very adept at filtering out the 'noise'. Most people are not capable in this way — they focus on the specific words or numbers being used and can get bogged down. Your mind is less likely to pick up particular vocabulary words or remember mathematical equations, but you understand the essential gist of any situation.

Here's an example of your Conceptual Synthesizer thinking skills at work in a real-life situation:

You are out with a group of people who are talking about a book that you've not read. They are exploring details about the plot, and discussing the elegance of the writing. What you hear loud and clear are the main themes of the story (the romance, the influence of the grandfather, and the predominance of food). At the end of the discussion you tell them you can guess how the book ends, and it turns out, you are right! This is because you were able to pick up on the most important information from their talk as well as glean the general mood of the book and these insights led you to your conclusion. Thank goodness you think the way you do! (basically this is quite accurate, one of the reasons why i get bored easily hehehe).

in summary, out of the 100points, i scored:
99 for my organizational, spatial, mechanical and visual abilities

a) Your organizational ability score is 99 out of 100. Organizational ability is what allows you to organize and arrange information effectively, be precise, and proofread carefully.

b) You scored 99 out of 100. You use spatial ability to judge the relationship between objects and physical space, like a parked car and the width of the road. It is also what helps you visualize a room when you are decorating or rearranging furniture.

c) You scored 99 out of 100. Mechanical ability is what helps you understand how machines and tools work. Someone with a good amount of mechanical ability probably has an innate understanding of physics. High mechanical skill is also associated with a high degree of precision and practical thinking.

d) Your score is 99 out of 100. Visual ability allows you to accurately visualize all aspects of an object for the purposes of recreating it, the way painters do. It's also what you use to imagine a scene from a novel or a story someone tells you — the ability to accurately reproduce reality in the mind's eye.

95 for my logical ability
= Your scored 95 out of 100. Logical ability is what you use when determining whether or not something makes sense. You rely on logic when analyzing an argument, step-by-step. This ability also contributes to your aptitude for recognizing underlying patterns.

Compared with others, your logical ability is very high. This means that you are an extremely logical person.

93 for my abstract reasoning ability
= Your score is 93 out of 100. With abstract reasoning you can think on multiple levels and see relationships between ideas that are not easily apparent. When you're using your abstract reasoning skills, you draw on both external logical and creative sources of information to come up with your solution.

Compared with others, your abstract ability is very high. This means that you have a very strong abstract ability.

62 for my verbal ability (which is quite unfair as i think i should score higher in this field...)
= Your verbal ability score is 62 out of 100. Verbal ability means having an expansive range of vocabulary, being able to use it, and feeling a desire to add to it. It is also what allows you to comprehend the relationships and subtle difference between words.

Compared with others, your verbal ability is high. This means that you have a strong verbal ability.

62 for my numerical ability (justified hahaha..tolda you am not good with numbers :p)
= You scored 62 out of 100. You use numerical ability when you spot a numerical pattern or solve a numerical equation.

Compared with others, your numerical ability is high. This means that you process numbers easily (easily your a**!! math is one of my weakest subject you idiot!! hehehe) cool is this? hehehe..anyhow, it's almost 5am and i should be getting to bed right now. goodnight peeps, may you have the sweetest dreams :)...

ciao peeps :)

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