Sunday, June 22, 2008

sunday going on to monday :)...

woke up quite early this morning and didn't really sleep well, i couldn't help thinking that there's something i should do in the office before coming to work tomorrow. by 9am i was already awake and making calls to be certain all necessary arrangements has been made, but just to make sure i had my colleague who was working over the weekend to run through my personal planner/diary for anything i might have missed out...anyway, everything is all good and i wasted a good sleep for nothing hehe.

looked at the Euro2008 result for the latest match and found out that Holland lost to Russia 1-3....1-3!! i bet most people would've put their money on Holland as they appeared to be the strongest team in the Group C match. probably they should've changed their game line up of 4-2-3-1 after using it in every game hahaha. but anyhow, it's not my place to comment on the game...i didn't even watch it and i don't even play soccer hahaha, at least i didn't bet RM200 on the losing team hahahaha...ehem ehem (sepa makan cili dia rasa pedas aaa...hahaha).

so the rest of the time all i did was browsing through the available songs for my playlist and it occurred to me Keith Urban has some good shit (pardon the pun hehe) in his albums. i like country music but i dont spend as much time listening to it as i should have. the one thing that i like about this genre is that..the lyrics are always straight to the point and the music actually gets to you me conservative but hey, the heck i care :)

amidst the song browsing, i chanced upon a song by Chris Daughtry (he's practically in a band, and he named his band after about vanity hehehe) and LIVE.'s been a long time since i heard of the band and the first time i listened to their album was back in 1994, but then they were already out with their second album entitled 'Throwing Copper'. when i heard Daughtry sing for the first time, he reminded me alot of LIVE band's lead vocalist, Ed Kowalczyk (and Ed Kowalczk sounds alot like Michael Stripe of the band opinion lah, but dont get me wrong..i'm not into R.E.M hehe). so it was kinda exciting listening to him sing a song with one of the best 90's band ever hahaha. you can listen to their song in my playlist called 'Mystery' by LIVE featuring Chris Daughtry.

well, am feeling somewhat hungry now..gonna have my brunch in a short while :). ciao peeps..and oh, buenas dias people :)..

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