Friday, June 20, 2008

rusted maths? hehe boss gave me a simple math question to solve, and being the good employee as i am, i accepted the question without hesitation.

one thing about me is that, am not really good when it comes to numbers but not too bad either. but after being away from it for a few years now my mind has become a little rusty (then again, my brain is always rusted when it comes to numbers hahaha). anyhow, the question given was, if;

33 litres = RM 90, and 33 litres = 147km, how much is it per litre/km?

so after much thinking, this was what i came up with:

33 litres=RM90
=> 1 litre = RM90\33
=> 1 litre = RM 2.73
solved #

33 litres = 147km
=> 1 km = 33/147
=> 1km = 0.22litters

so basically:

1 litre = RM 2.73
1km = 0.22
=>RM 2.73 x 0.22
=> RM 0.60 per litre/km

**this simple task took me about 15mins to answer...

simplified version:

33 litters = RM 90 = 147km
=> 1km = RM 90/147
=> 1km = RM 0.61

waddya know, with a calculation such as this a margin of .01 should be acceptable right? hehehe.

but what i'm trying to show here is that this is how my mind works. instead of going for the simplified version, i would go the long way trying to find the answers to the questions laid in front of me. it's not a matter of getting to the solution but more to looking at everything individually and trying to figure out what can be done hahaha. probably that explains why i am in the field i am now hehe..

but if there are any mistakes in the calculation, do correct me. would very much appreciate the lesson hahaha...

man, good thing i dont work with numbers or else it would be a disaster. yeah, i know..i'm not smarter than a 5th Grader hahaha. ciao...:)

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