Friday, June 20, 2008

light hearted entry...

i had a good time at work today. i didn't actually do anything fun or remotely close to it, and it wasn't exactly about what i did, but more to what i havent been doing.

when i first joined the company, i may i put it..a sanguine, playful, optmistic, care-free kinda guy. everyone would always catch me with a smile on my face and i was interacting with everyone at all levels. i didn't quite care whether they're my subordinates or the big bossess, i treated everyone more or less the same, i treated them the same way i would want them to treat me which is as a friend, a colleague and definitely with respect :).

Within no time, the once feared and seemingly dead department was suddenly buzzing with people from other departments with various requests, something which should've happened a long time ago to avoid unnecessary enquiries related to quality maintenence. For your information, everything which involves anything with the company's image, from words usage, items, images and other collaterals has to go through our department, but prior to my joining, no one really wanted to ubmit their requests for proof reading or consultation and no one really knows why (though i have some idea hehe). what i wanted to say is that..i actually made a change in my department and to everyone around :).

anyhow, along the way i got caught up with my own personal demons and somehow got off tracked from my goals and from who i am. i can't blame what happened to me at anyone else and obviously, the fault is solely on me...but as i've mentioned earlier in my previous post, things are definitely looking up for me now and i'm gradually becoming the person whom i was before. i've been coming to work with a smile on my face, i've started mingling around with everyone else and my work efficiency is..improving hehehe.

i'm not saying i'm totally over with my own demons, but i am dealing with it the best way i know how and after nearly a year (well, sort of..time passess by quickly doesnt it hehe) i'm finally getting to know how to deal with it hahaha (hey..waddya expect, i'm an innocent guy hahaha).

well...i am quite happy with how things are right now, although things could be better, but hey..beggars can't be choosers right hahaha.

i've stopped searching and waiting cos what's lost has been found and what was waited has appeared so..everything is good hehehe.

enjoy your weekend peeps, no one else deserve a happy time but yourselves :). ciao...

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