Monday, July 28, 2008

groggy ramblings

just got back from my best friend's wedding, and looking at her in the wedding dress reminded me how much we have changed through the years...and how old we really are :).

we've known each other for more than 20years, and in that period of time..i have been her shoulders where she can cry on, and her ears when she needs someone to listen. basically, she's one of the very extremely few people whom i can actually say..the person i know like the back of my hand.

sadly, i couldn't do the same to her cos i've convinced myself that my life is complicated enough to be shared with anyone else, and i've kept my thoughts and privacy all to myself without ever sharing it with anyone else...probably until now. but as of last year, i've begun to open up and even shared my personal thoughts and my inner self to the selected people, and i've since learned that it was a total mistake cos i now realize that there's no point in opening up to anyone else when they couldn't even understand or care to understand anything :). i mean, why would they wanna care when they have their own life to think about? :).

anyhow, still feeling somewhat groggy from the drinking session we had last night. coudn't really sleep even with the headache i was experiencing, so instead of lying in bed trying to force myself to sleep, i decided to turn things around and make use of the rest of the hours with something fun..yeah, a drinking session hehehe.

since there isn't much to be done after 11pm and the headache prevented me from driving to town for a fun night out, i decided to call up my cousin next door and organized our own drinking session :). it was only the two of us...but that's fine cos my cousin and i can talk about nearly everything and anything since we have the same interest in things. we can talk about science, astronomy, philosophy, work and lots more, but our all time favourite subject is...anything paranormal hahaha. by the time we're done, it was already 6am and a 24 cans of beer lay empty on the table :).

anyhow, i dont have any good reason for this latest entry...just felt like putting my thoughts into words :)...

goodnite peeps..need to get my beauty sleep, damn groggy...:)

ps: groggy cos after the drinking session, i had to wake up early to be at a relative's wedding with a terrible hangover..but i didn't drink during my best friend's wedding though (cos no alcohols were served!! darn it hehehe)

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