Friday, July 25, 2008

I LOVE MALAYSIA (Sabah to be precise :))

Okay, was dead bored at home after coming late from work (as usual). was thinking of watching some of my favorite animes but decided otherwise as my eyes were to tired to watch anything, so instead i decided to do some blog browsing and searched for paid opportunities which i can post in my blog.

Apparently, paid opportunities are quite hard to come by (there goes my chance of extra income hehe), so i did the next best thing...browse for free opportunities just to tire my mind off when i chanced upon this seemingly interesting opp (okay, i may have mentioned it's free, but not without any consolation. it's actually a competition for a chance to win (i think) a coffee table book on Malaysian experiences! woo hoo, this should be good..(sarcasm there...).

Okay, now here are the criterias for the competition (my responses in cerulean blue..i think :)):

1. Copy the 50+1 Malaysia book cover below & paste it in your post.
= now this shouldn't be too difficult, should it? so image for the book cover :)

50+1 malaysia cover

2. Write what you love about Malaysia.
= hmm, i know this shouldn't be tough cos i'm a Malaysian and living in Malaysia..but after giving it much thought, i realized i dont really know much about our, this is sad. but here goes, i'll try my best to share what i know and learned as a Malaysian :).

I love Malaysia because: This is the only country I've ever lived in, the different cultures and myriad of races has given me a glimpse on the other countries I can only imagine being to, and the food are just great! I can have Chinese food without having to be in China, Indian food without having to be in India and obviously the spiced laden Malay food which gets your tounge burning for more.

And personally, being a Sabahan, there is no where else I would rather be. The ever smiling friendly and peaceful locales can brighten up your day with our seemingly weird accent and jovial appearances, and yes, we do have the most beautiful islands around!

With the myriad of cultures and races around, we Malaysians has the opportunities to celebrate different kind of celebrations and festivals regardless of our background. I celebrate Hari Raya although I'm not Muslim and others celebrate Chinese New Year even if they are not Chinese. The inter-cultural marriages have been one of the major contributing factors to this occurrence and one of the major cause in the seemingly harmonious relationships amongst the society.

But to be honest, although we seem like a perfect country to live in, we're not without any flaws. one thing for sure though, each and every one of us has that conscious realization to make this country one of the best by respecting and understanding each others' ideas, backgrounds, religions and practices. That's what makes us better than most :).

ps: i have no idea what 200-250 'page post' means. is it something like words and characters? hehe. well, thats 250 words from me then hahaha.

Well, if any of you people who wishes to take part in this so-called competition, do check out for more details :).

hmm...ciao peeps, it's a Friday so go out there and have fun! who knows what'll happen tomorrow hehe...

ps2: man...i really do need to get a life...a fun one at it hahaha

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