Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hellos and goodbyes...:)

we, the human beings has evolved in countless aspects throughout the millenia. but one major thing which has made all these changes possible is the evolution of our mind or brain. the thought processess and brain capacity to receive input has dramatically changed which has eventually led us to where we are now.

but even with evolution, there are many things in this world that is still difficult to do no matter how intelligent we are, including the supposed simple things, and one of it is..saying goodbye. if we look back, analyse and reflect on the relationships between humans, we might find that there are only two powerful words in this world which are able to change the course of things, words which can make us or...break us.

it's not an exaggeration to say that the word 'love' can invoke several kind of emotions such as disgust, pain, security, wonder, happiness, etc etc...and it's not surprising the word itself can bring out the dormant self within us. when 2 persons are in love, the only thing they ever want to hear are the three words, words which should be considered a taboo until the certainty of what they truly feel is confirmed and until the gravity of their situation for being together is assessed.

in a weird and mystical way, being in love can be one of the best reason to look forward to tomorrow and being in love can change a person either for the better or worse. it's still a mystery as to how it works and why it does the things it does, but it has been proven based on many experiences by different individuals from different backgrounds

but love itself is a confusing concept, not to mention misleading as well... the fine line between love, infatuation and lust is so transparent that most would be deceived by it. even with the different definitions for each of it, the feelings induced are very similar which makes the differentiation can be somewhat confusing. so how does one tell if what they're feeling falls into which category?

there's no exact explanation for that, you know you're in love when you've found that one special person who lights up your days just by looking at them, that one person whom you couldn't afford to lose no matter what the situation is, that one person...who has ever touched you deeply, that's when you know you're in love.

now comes the goodbyes...another powerful word which could leave you dazed, confused and most of all..the feeling of losing and being lost. goodbyes has always been the end to everything, an act of letting go, and it's expecially tough to do it when either one is not ready to. just thinking of not seeing that smile, that look in their eyes which tells them you are the one and the glint which says and shows the depth of what they truly feel can be painful. but sometimes letting go could be the best thing for everyone in certain circumstances.

man...i'm hungry and sleepy (i need something heavy!!)..would love to blabber more on this entry but, my mind is getting tired the more i think of it hehehe.

ps: hey, dont take my words for granted, just blabbing stuff i'm not even familiar with...:)

morning peeps...

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