Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i want or i need?

yeah, just as what the title says. do i go for what i want or do i go for what i need? these are the two things which has been bugging me since this morning and i still haven't made up my mind yet... i should know by now that what i want isn't necesserily what i need..but that was before i understood that sometimes what we want is exactly what we need. the transition from wanting that certain something can sometimes be so overwhelming it transforms the want to become need.

lemme put it into something simpler. say, you've found a better paying job offer advertised somewhere, but at the moment you're quite comfortable with where you are now. all you can do is feel like you want that job . and after sometime thinking about it nearly every minute of everyday, you somehow know that you need the job for a better future.

sometimes the line between wanting something and needing something is so fine making the differentiation difficult. it's easy to know that we want it, but how do we know that we need it? hmm...basically want is something we would like to have, but even if we dont get it, it won't affect our lives. need is something more intrinsic, basically it's defined as something we have to have and without it, a neccessity..we can either die or life definitely wouldn't be the same.

which got me thinking, which category does our existence fall in to? do we want to be alive or is it a neccessity to be one?

well...first of all, we didn't have a choice when we were born into this world (maybe we do, but that would require explanations of cosmic proportions hehe), basically we were born (alive) whether we want to or not. and being alive constitutes to doing whatever is needed to keep the body (or soul :P) alive. but if we were to be born, only to die in the end..what's the point of being alive in the first place? what's worse is that, after living and experiencing all the fun and exciting stuff life has to offer, letting go becomes difficult..almost unbearable.

okay, maybe some would think that once we are born..life itself is in our hands and we can do whatever we want with it, whether to keep it or waste it and cease to exist. everyone says that life is too precious to be wasted, but then again people says stuff they dont really understand or mean. other things were precious to them before, but yet, they dont show any appreciation for it and ignore them completely or, once they found a new replacement or their so called conscience kicks in. anyhow, everyone's only human and that's their trump card for every single mistake committed :).

now..do i go for what i want or what i need? ..

do i want to be happy? - yes
do i need to be happy? - no

do i want to forgive? - no
do i need to fogive? - yes
do i want to be forgiven? - yes
do i need to be forgiven? - yes

do i want to be with someone? -yes
do i need to be with someone? - no

do i want to be alone tomorrow? - yes
do i need to be alone tomorrow? - no

now, do you see the contradictory pattern here. what we want isn't always what we need, but sometimes the want and need aligns when the demand for it is overwhelming :). simply saying, our wants can be our needs but our needs can never be our wants :).

man..what crap. should've been concentrating more on my tasks than wasting my time on entries like this hehehe..

ciao peeps :)

ps: gonna take 2 days off tomorrow onwards, need a break :)


Wel^Beiolman said...

ba jerry..jadi macam...ko mo ka inda ni..atau ko perlu ni..kestau la..hehe..

JerryInc said...

buli bah kalu ko hahaha