Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tipsy..in the office? hehehe

took a break from work and decided to head over to the lobby lounge for a few drinks...and after gulping down a glass of stout and 4 shots of Chivas on the rocks, am now a bit tipsy. couldn't afford to be drunk as i have some other tasks to complete before heading for home, and that's where i am now, in the office..tipsy and blogging before continuing with my work hahaha... (thats one of the advantages working in the hotel line hehe).

anyhow, i should be off my work by now and enjoying the night out...well, i could, i had all the time to complete my tasks earlier today but i just wasnt in the mood :). just thinking about having fun tonight didn't appeal to me as i will be spending some quality time tomorrow either with my friends or alone (depending on my mood, (though most probably i will be having fun alone at my usual waterhole hehehe (not exactly a problem, i'm good at self entertainment :P).

fyi, i've been going around faking a smile on my face showing everybody that everything is fine and i couldn't be bothered with anything. but the plain fact is, i'm just too confused with everything i dont even know how to react hehe. then again, i'm just not the type to share with anyone my problems..lets just say i'm a Leo, and i have a pride of a King. sharing my problems would be like showing your weaknesses to your subjects...and thats one thing i can't afford to do, to be weak :). besides, i've always kept things to myself..so basically i'm used to it, although sometimes i wish that i had someone to share it with (a wish which is becoming more unrealistic each day hehe).

anyhow, i shouldnt be complaining..things happen for a reason. maybe it's a lesson for me to learn and to avoid from making the same mistake again. okay, lesson learned...:)

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