Sunday, August 3, 2008

Youtube vs VideoJug...

step aside youtube, nerds and geeks like us have only one thing we value the most...knowledge :). yeah, you heard me right, so for those of you who are not interested in expanding your current knowledge..this entry may seem like a bore to you hehe.

as i was browsing through the net (as usual) and youtubing, i realized one thing about all these online video providers, most of them are not what we may call as informative...well, it is fun to watch, but as you can lacks intelligence (hahaha).

i received an email informing me of a cool website which i might find interesting. didn't think much about it as i thought it was one of those lame or indecent websites. hey, dont blame me for having that thought, it has a weird name for an informative site!. what would you think if someone suddenly asked you to check out a site called VideoJug? anyway, my curiosity got the better of me and eventually logged into the website (what can i say, sometimes my curiosities are just insatiable hehe).

Apparently, VideoJug is the world's most popular video learning site. What they do is to provide straightforward, helpful and informative videos on anything and everything in life- from bite sized 'How-to' films to expert advice on a huge range of topics, all for free.

i lost you there didn't i? hehehe. okay..what i meant was, this place is where you can find tips on how to do stuff through visual presentations with clear and slow step-by-step instructions . the logic is simple..we learn easily by watching other people do it, and it helps a lot when we are guided through the process..come on peeps, monkey see, monkey do!! haha.

the first thing which attracted me was the tips and pointers on 'How To Improve your Power Point Presentations'. yeah, okay..maybe i lied a bit in my resume when i said i was good in this program (at least i didn't say i was an expert hehe), but after watching the presentation, i wished i had seen it earlier before submitting my boss's slides presentation to our Corporate Office (darn it..) :).

most of the videos are somewhat trivial and funny, but informative nonetheless. there are several categories to browse from and none are disappointing to say the least hehe. did you know there's an easy way of folding t-shirts?

anyhow, one thing for sure though...i may be off from watching youtube for the time being and will concentrate more on this site. just thinking about it gives me the goosebumps hahaha (see...told ya i'm a nerd hehehe).

ciao peeps :).

ps: am serious peeps, you should check out this site. who might come in handy someday :)..

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