Monday, August 4, 2008

past midnight rambling...

am tired of having these thoughts, but it will pass, hopefully and most probably soon. closure has finally descended, thanks for finally sharing the truth..without it, i would still be left high and dry..apparently, from what i can gather, the relationship has ended a long time ago, past the point of no return when the other party refuses to try and make things work.

that's one thing about truth and honesty. no matter how bad is it, we still can accept it..cos we have to. i dunno about anyone else...i needed the truth to know where i went wrong so i wouldn't have to keep wondering what happened and also to learn from it..:).

ps: obsessed with my own feelings to the point of freaking the other party out? hahaha, funny..well, if being in love means not being able to express it, then i would rather not feel anything at all. from this point onwards, i'll be looking at 'no strings attached' kinda relationships..fair enough right, besides, am single now, i have the rights to do so (if i wanna) hahaha. owh..and one more thing, no more pathetic entries like this in the future (but there will still be my moments of depression and gloom hehe). this is where my sappy personal experiences ends :)...

goodnight peeps :)

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