Wednesday, July 2, 2008

movie night...unplanned

treated myself to the cinema awhile ago and after a long time of not being at a movie, felt somewhat awkward. but after weighing my own situation, i figured that i should be getting used to it again.

a year ago, i was an avid movie goer..a lone ranger with no one to go with unless i asked anyone for company, but even so, i still much prefer going to the cinema alone. most of the time, i would get glances from the strangers around me for being alone, but i couldn't care less about what they think, they're free to judge and come up with their own made up assumptions :).

didn't really plan to be at the cinema, but since i was driving aimlessly in town, the thought of a movie night sounded like a good off i went to Cathay cineplex without any second thoughts.

the movie i watched was definitely worth it, everything was in order and i loved every bit of it. the awkwardness of being alone was replaced by excitement and there were scenes where i laughed out loud as if i was the only person in the cinema hall hehehe.

although the movie night wasn't planned, but i did go through the current and coming up movies available in all the cinemas in KK earlier at work. when i read the review on 'Wanted', it didn't really strike me as a must see kinda movie..well, come to think of it..none of the other movie reviews did hehehe. but after the last minute decision and arriving at the cinema 15mins late, that was the only movie i was able to catch :).

it was a good movie, but personally i think that Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman shouldn't even be casted in the movie. they're just too big for their small roles and it was a bore watching them act on roles they've done before :). but anyhow, thumbs up to the main character...he was definitely the right person for the role and someone whom we can really relate to in the movie :). am not gonna go further into the movie or else it might dampen your interest hehe. my conclusion: it's a good movie and definitely worth watching, and i did came out of the cinema wanting to be an assasin :).

a bit tired and sleepy, so am gonna retire to bed now :p..

mood: should be impromptu more often from now on. can't wait for 'Hancock' to come out, maybe i should watch it at 1Borneo this time :)

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