Thursday, August 7, 2008


man...hungover (whats new? hehe) and in no mood to work. darn it... even came in late for work today, good thing the boss isn't around for this whole week hehe..

getting drunk wasn't part of the plan when i decided to have a nite out last night..and after having 4 sets of tiger at hunters, my friend and i decided to join my cousin at Raz until the wee hours. dang...should have just went straight home that night, better yet..i shouldn't even think about having drinks on weekday!

felt a bit down and needed something to drown it off, but i should've known by now that drinking isn't the way to deal with life's intricacies. so does that make me an alcoholic? hehehe. maybe i should enrol myself in a rehab clinic :p...

anyhow...this shall be my last entry for the today..will update this blog tomorrow. ciao peeps...

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