Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Little Man

Little he may be, but he possesses all the worldly knowledge and seem to have the answers to almost anything. Whenever he opens his mouth, only the truth and foresight of things to come are told. Sadly enough, he's not alone up in my head, way down below lives ego and pride..the power couple who are constantly harrassing the little man's every decision.

Ego..inhibits greed, twisting truth into conceivable lies and making me believe that i am invincible when the plain fact is..i am invincible not because of my ego, but because of the truth.

Pride..seemingly harmless and says or acts so little it may well have been ignored most of the time. But that's what makes it dangerous because 'It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man' - Ghanaian Proverb.

When pride and ego combines, chaos and confusion ensues, and the little man is pushed further and further away... not forcefully but willingly and there's nothing i can do stop him from leaving because it is not my place to ask him to stay, but one thing for sure, he will reappear when he is needed the most..when i am ready to listen again, i'm ready and he's back...

we had a long chat yesterday, and he made me see my flaws..and the root of my anger. before any of this happened i was given 2 choices, to go through my decision and face the pain or save myself the pain and live life as i've always had.

i chose to do the latter, thinking it would be the best for everyone. but finally gave in after been given the crocodile tears, the sweet talks, the empty assurances and for once i thought..the little man might be mistaken this time around and i might get what i've been searching for all these while.

i was wrong..dead wrong, and pissed..damn pissed. pissed because i turned my back to what i've always believed in and pissed at trying hard to prove that the Little Man was wrong.

but the Little Man is back now. there's nothing more gratifying than being able to see the true colors in everything and the truth behind the lies once again...

About Love
'Love is like a disease. It infects you when u least expected it. it grows on you like cancer. its virus evolved and shows symptoms; jealousy, hatred, joy, and others. We let Love flow in our veins. a dangerous but a noble choice. we get hurt at an utmost situation. then love kills you even if you're glad it's there. There's no cure for love. No matter how you try to find a closure, it'll still leave its scar. you still had the pain in you and remembered the process of it's infection.

Love has an impetus effect on you. It made you do the damness things. Something you wouldn't know you were able to do. there's no definite term to elucidate Love. it's cruel. It's a force. It's somehow sweet.

When we said we don't want to fall in love again.... don't let your guards down. Love is stronger than it seems to be. It'll find its way. want to fall in love? then take care of yourself. '

ps: woaaaahh...i'm a nut case hahaha :D

Morning peeps!! :)

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