Saturday, August 9, 2008

naked revelation...

the morning didn't start out well...woke up early and tripped over my own footing when i got off from bed (clumsy? could be haha), went to the shower only to find the tank was dry (wtf!!, how am i supposed to go to work without showering?!!)...contemplated for a bit and realized..i'm working at a 5 star chain hotel in Tuaran!

went free willy in my office trousers, got into my car and dashed to the hotel. on the way, i did more contemplating...should i take my shower in the staff locker room, in the fitness centre locker room or in the golf locker room? hmm, it was simple..went straight to the golf locker as i prefer privacy during my showers, less people the better.

the showers were empty, yeah...why wouldn't it? no one plays golf in the early morning. placed my stuff in the locker and stepped inside the showers. when i got back to my locker, there were a couple of Korean dudes and an englishman..chatting and laughing away in their birthday suit. naked guys in public makes me uncomfortable, probably i'm just not used to it...even during my time when i used to go swimming at the sports complex... and it has nothing to do with feeling inferior cos i'm not hahaha.

after the free viewing of naked guys galore, the thought stuck in can a naked person stand comfortably in front of another. i do find nudity as a form of art, but only if it was meant for art..for other casual days, i find nudity a bit disturbing hahaha. i mean, being naked when you're having sex is another thing..but being naked in public? come on peeps hahaha.

so..nudity anyone? hahaha

ps: being nude is only permissible when you're having a shower and having sex muahahaha

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Joan said...


c jer p kerja nda mandi


JerryInc said...

apaaa....jan kestau urg bah. rumah ko teda air bah tu la la hahaha