Wednesday, August 13, 2008


last night was wasn't crazy great but it was great nonetheless. haven't been laughing my ass out for a very long time, with the gidiots around..there wasn't a single moment of boredom (that's a compliment okay ms. gimitator and ms. gexpressionist huahuahua).

i work in a field where socializing plays an integral part of the job, but looking back, i haven't been doing that for quite some time to the point of being labeled as anti-social. in a way i am...i mean, people just can't be trusted. i've seen and experienced the ugly side of everyone around me leading to the twisted perceptions of people in general hehe.

okay, i may look snobbish or anti-social to some, but looks can be life mostly in solitude has not dampen my ability to socialize. i can be a social butterfly if i want to..operative word here is: if i want to. but i'm just not one of those guys who goes around trying to make friends with everybody like it's some kind of popularity contest...geez, we're not in high school anymore and i've learned to live independently without needing anyone to rely onto (recent relationship has proven that without any doubt, damn it hehehe). i dont need a big circle of friends to have fun, i just need intelligent and non-shallow minded people to have a good time (idiots are just too difficult to handle hahaha).

anyway...i still find it funny everytime i think about ms. gimitator's personal teaching experiences..'lelest' and 'especially.....a BED!!' HAHAHAHAHAHA...well, 'os cof' all of you dont know what i'm talking about, you weren't there :P. probably some of you need more than '2 minutes' to digest what the hell i'm rambling about..and if you still don't get it, stop trying and just get a 'screw driver', probably that will help hahahaha.

last night was great gals...we just need to add more gidiots in the group to prove that ms. gimitator is actually a gidiot magnet hahaha.

ps: still can't stop laughing here....we should do this again. now these are the true beauties with brains hehehe.


Fridaycat said...

Hey G-man (hahaha). Gila la...I keep hearing the same "especially...a bed!" and "Boling Hot Spling" stories and I never get tired of it. Thanks for having us over - I was having a shitty day and going aaaalllll the way there was worth it.

(So if Yo's a gidiot magnet, that makes us...Oh shit).

JerryInc said...

hahaha, i know...she should post that in her entry and everyone would be laughing all the way to "dampaluli" hahaha. man, just thinking about how she imitated them gets me laughing haha.

(hahaha, slow lg ko pick up tu hehehe)

we should do this again some other time :)

Yo. said...

awww thanks jerry :D

had a great time too. it was nice to have someone new to recycle these stories to, hehehe.

since i am a gidiot magnet, i'm sure i'll be coming up with new stories. hehehe.

this weekend we're going to Gutat for a wedding. Can't wait.

i keep thinking about Gunters. lmao.

Yo. said...

btw, time to update that happy-o-meter, dontcha think?

JerryInc said... dont need anyone new to recycle the have Mel for that hahaha.

enjoy the sweet time at Gutat, just dont fall off the cliff if both of you decide on dropping by at Simpang Mangayau.

yeah...well, you know how huge German wieners's surprising to know it shrunk in such short period of time wakakaka (damn gidiots hehe)

JerryInc said...

my happy-o-meter remains as it is, like i said...looks can be deceiving :)