Tuesday, August 5, 2008


darkness...a yet to be known matter which exists in either realms...physically or spiritually. there's darkness at night, darkness in the unknown, darkness in the unfathomable and darkness within everybody, which no one are willing to accept.

you see the smiling faces, hear the laughters of everyone around and you are tempted to have and experience the same things..and you succeed, but deep down you know it will only be temporary because someday you will realize that this was not exactly what you wanted or until they found out the truth of the man behind the facade...probably they already do, it is just a matter of time...

thats one thing about humans that we have to understand, people are just not to be trusted...they may be fun to be with for a while, but after sometime..when they finally uncover the masquerade, we might wish that we have never known them in the first place..sad isn't it..bear in mind, people change..sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse..

mouthing off at other people is another side humans are quite skilled at...every imperfection or anything which doesn't suit or appear nice becomes their target of criticism or mockery, their justification for doing so; they think they're better than them or better yet, they were born in perfection. physically, they are...but somehow rather, they always lack that certain something which makes them..perfect. we humans are not perfect, so don't go around talking about anyone else's imperfection when we ourselves has lots to improve. do that only when you're certain you have nothing to apologize for.

what separates the people from being humans? nothing, but not everyone gets that. from the inside, we are all the same..so why does racial prejudice has to exist? why can't humans respect one another without bias and bigotry? why can't people accept everyone for who they are. we may have heard of the illegal immigrants around, and we think and speak ill of them..but doesn't anyone see, they're humans as well..

and what's this about caste, ranks, class etc etc? what makes them better than the rest of the people? just because they have more money and influence doesn't make them any less human, but if they think they're better than the rest because of that...then maybe, everyone should live in poverty...

as i was saying, there is darkness in everyone..yet at the same time, there is light as well. this is the light which guides our conscience, the very thing which brings us up whenever we are down. no matter how lost or rotten a person is, their light is still there...calling out for help, it's just that the darkness is so overwhelming the light couldn't shine through. hey, we were born with the light, that's why our innocence as babies exudes greatly. but with any light, there are bound to be shadows, creating the darkness from within, and as the years pass by...the light grows dim and darkness envelopes, but not entirely as the light struggles to flare hoping someday it will burn bright as it was before when we first came into this world.

what i'm trying to say is, there is kindness in everyone...for some, we just need to look a little bit harder to see them...people just wants to be understood, to love and be loved in return....

ps: yeah, what crap....people are just scums who doesnt know shit about anything...hahaha


Wel^Beiolman said...

darkness...mcm dark knight suda ni..so very true jerry..sentimental butul ko menulis ni kan...but good point..im lovin it!

JerryInc said...

1. good point? yg mana satu aa hehehe..

2. you're lovin it? ko ingat ni Mcdonalds kah? hahahaha.

3. bila ko mau balik kampung nie? hahaha