Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged by Lil' Sis Joy

as much as i'd like to ignore this tag, i just couldn't cos this is the first tag from my lil' sis joy :)

1. The person who tag/pass you is?
Lil' Sis Joy

2. Your relationship with her/him is?
-> the idiotic sister haha

3. Your five impression of her/him?-> smart, talented, artistic, slimmed down, noisy haha

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
-> pissing me off :P

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
-> hahaha, sadly none!!

6. If she/he becomes your lover you will?
-> that's sick...haha

7. If she/he becomes your lover, thing she/he has to improve on will be?
-> ignoring...:)

8. If she/he become your enemy, you will?
-> not be around when that happens haha

9. If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be?
-> hmm...yet to be known :)

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
-> none :P

11. Your overall impression of her/him is?
-> good and goofy kid :P

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
-> i dunno and don't really care haha

13. The characters you love of yourself are?
-> my vanity hasn't reached to that level yet haha

14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself are?
-> lotsa em'

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
-> wise, intelligent, good looking and successful (everything i'm not hahaha)

16.For people that care and like you, say something to them :
-> ermm...hey you........

17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you.
-> They are :
2) Yo
3) Wel
4) Kupi
10) whoever is interested haha

18. Who is no.6 having relationship with?
-> dunno and none of my business haha

19. Is no.9 a male or female?
-> male :)

20. If number 7. and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
-> hahaha, now that's a thought haha. i'll let him choose who he wants no.10 to be hahaha

21. What is no.2 studying about?
-> Yo, you still studying? i didn't know that!! haha

22. When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?
-> chat huh? like...never haha

23. What kind of music band does no. 8 like?
-> i think he goes for ballads haha

24. Does no.1 have any siblings?
-> yup...4 of them i think..haha

25. Will you woo no.3?
-> HAHAHAHA woo him? not my type wakakaka *am actually rolling on the floor laughing hahaha*

26. How about number 7?
-> wat's wrong with number 7? he's a cool guy :)

27. Is no. 4 single?
-> yep..i think, unless she's hiding him haha

28. What is the surname of no.5?
-> dammit, I DUNNO!! hahaha

29. What's the hobby of no.10?
-> that depends on who is number 10 hehehe

30. Does no.5 and 9 get along well?
-> hehe...dunno, i'll ask them later hahaha

31. Where is no.2 studying at?
-> Yo, you gotta clear this up woman! you sure you're not a student? hehe

32. Talk something casually about no.1?
-> gidiot....LOL!!!hahaha

33. Have you tried developing feelings for no.6?
-> sadly, i'm just not his type!! LOL hahaha

34. Where does no.9 live at?
-> middle earth?

35. What colour does no.4 like?
-> hmm...i would guess, BLUE! :)

36. Are no.5 and 1 best friends?
-> they could be, who knows? :)

37. is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
-> ha.haha..haha..hahaha...HAHAHAHA, could be hahahaha

38. What is no.6 doing now?
-> hmm, it's 8.30 pm i would guess he's either out playing badminton or having dinner hahaha.

cool eh hahaha :)..

ciao peeps :P...


cLaiRe said...

hahahha...lawak jg la....

Wel^Beiolman said...

25. Will you woo no.3?
-> HAHAHAHA woo him? not my type wakakaka *am actually rolling on the floor laughing hahaha*

hahaha..apa punya soalan ni..mesti mau plan ni numbur dia..haha

JerryInc said...

haha, thanks claire :D

sorrylah wel, random kamaa tu. i i didnt exactly read through the questions before answering it haha....layan jak lah haha

Fridaycat said...

Hahahaha it's only fun when the names are random! If you plan...ala tia syok la.

JerryInc said...

ya bah Mel, it actually catches us off guard hahaha.

Wel^Beiolman said...

ahaha..yup..i'd agree jg ba tu..just a saying..haha..byk gila soalan dia ni..huhu...mau cari calon mau kasi list pun susa suda ni tau..semua suda kana book..haha..

JerryInc said...

random jak bah Wel, ko nie hahaha

cLaiRe said...

rugi la kau wel~ c jerryster sda p ambi sy gia dlu..kalau nda ada jg rahasia2 terkeluar kali..hahaha trus c jerry pun pandai btl p ambi c wel ni dlu..nda aku berpeluang..hahahha poligami blh ka? haha

JerryInc said...

muahahaha, hebat kan saya muahahaha hehehe