Thursday, September 11, 2008

vanity in sports muahahahaha

aside from the ultimate frisbee practice i join every weekend, it's been quite sometime since i last did any actual sports hehe, and last night's activity was, how may i say it, could be an addictive game hahaha. yeah, i had fun and i think i would stick to it. then again, that's what i've said on most of the other sports i dabbled in hahaha.

but honestly, i think i have a knack when it comes to racquet games (contrary to what Mel said about guys being good at anything which involves whacking stuff hahaha) or any hand related sports haha. i can be better in badminton if i hadn't stopped playing donkey years ago, i could be good in tennis if i had someone to coach me and the same can be said for squash hahaha. read me right, am now learning to play squash courtesy of ms. Mel and ms. Yo hahaha.

i think playing sports runs in my family. my dad used to be extremely active in sports and all my other sisters seem to have picked up his athletic abilities. he played practically everything like football, tennis, badminton, squash, snooker, bowling, etc. yeah, everyone was a sportsman and woman except for me and my mom haha, and all these while i thought i just didnt have what it takes to be one :p.

apparently, i was a late bloomer (or maybe i was suffering from some kind of inferiority complex thingy haha). i only picked up sports in college and i must say, i've been doing fairly well since then hehe (well, obviously not at the present moment haha).

anyhow, the new racquet games that i've tried out this year (tennis and currently squash) isn't that difficult to comprehend, this may sound strange..but i think i remember how people play the games from looking at my dad play way back when i was still a kid (okay..more like a toddler haha) and listening to comments wether it was directed at me or someone else. probably those times looking at my dad having fun at the court made an impression on me, which in the course of growing up was suppressed until i was actually ready to explore my latent talents hidden within haha.

sadly enough, i never got interested in football. i remember playing that game in P.E class back in primary school and when i was on duty during one of our Red-Crescent Co-Cum activity, i saw a kid got kicked right above his right eye and he was bleeding all over. no..i wasn't afraid at the sight of blood, but the thought of the same thing or worse happening to me was just too heavy for me to digest hahaha. since then, i've had this mental block on football :p.

ps: the next game i'm thinking of picking up is golf. maybe i should continue my dad's legacy of being a golfer hehehe..just you wait :p...

ciao peeps :P


Fridaycat said...

'hand related sports'....LOL. Ok ok i'll take my mind out of the gutter *snicker*

Ok la, we'll continue playing with but you must STOP taking advantage that you are a foot taller than me. Punya la main tipu.

JerryInc said...

hahaha, yeah..hand related sports haha. punya lah utak ko ni Mel hahaha.'s 1ft+++ taller than you aa hahaha. besides, we're not playing basketball..more like chase the ball so so height doesn't really play much role in the game. look at nicole david la la la hahaha

cLaiRe said...

alala..ntah2 sy lg terer ni main bola dr kau..ahaha

Yo. said...

still can play while talking on the phone. show off.

'hand related sports'.... can re-phrase kah jer? LMAO

JerryInc said...

claire: kalau gitu sa mimang akun kalahlah. mimang semua urang pun lagi terer main bula dr sa hahaha

yo: that was an important call and i couldn't hang up haha.

adakah, you and mel sma sj owh utak kamurang hahaha