Monday, February 2, 2009

February post...what the heck!!

February is here once again and in approximately 14 days, everyone would start acting weird and most probably humping around like rabbits after few boxes of chocolates and few glassess of wine haha.

noo, i don't have anything against this particular day (even when i've never really experienced the joy of celebrating it complaints though :p) ...for me, it's just like any other days only at this time around people would have a solid excuse of getting some loving hahaha.

looking back, i couldn't recall of having a memorable Valentine's celebration..not even once hahaha, could probably be because:

a) i was coincidently single at that time or
b) i just didn't celebrate it :).

before you peeps start judging me, let me defend myself on the above reasons :). now, weirdly enough, i am always single at this particular time. one thing i've learned all these years is that, Valentine's day and i just't dont get along. it's like, i have this ability to repel the love charged atmosphere from getting myself affected by it hahaha. well, that's one thing great about being oblivious to human emotions, you just don't care much about anything at all hehehe. then again, i'm not much on celebrating anything, so that's another reason to look into hahaha.

since we're on the love topic, might as well share some insights on my personal experience in this matter. for those of you who has been following up on my blog entries, you might've chanced on my love related entries. and i must say, after reading through it, i find it quite embarassing myself hahaha. come on, how could someone like me who has no inkling on how love should be like, be in love? overtime, i realized it was nothing more than my glands secreting stupid confusing hormones into my system hahaha. but even so, the pain was real enough though :P.

anyhow, the valentine buzz is going around quite early this year. i have friends planning for their Valentine's dinner, people going away for a memorable trip together and horny couples trying to take their sex life to a whole new level hahaha. and where do i stand? the same situation as always..single but not exactly desperate or lonely and the best part is....i'm perfectly fine with it :)!! maybe i need to see a therapist..something could be wrong with me..ooooo wait...there is, i'm only human! hahaha.

one of my suppliers insisted that i should get myself laid (that horny bastard hahaha). but after my last escapade (which was a good few months back), i realized that sex is more meaningful when you're doing it with someone whom you're really that says something about my thoughts on sex :).

anyhow, sometimes things are just not what it seems. will try to ramble more about some other stuff once the love charged atmosphere recedes hahaha. ciao peeps :)


cLaiRe Bennet said...

he he he.....mari cni kita pakai tabir..i bet u'll be so into it u'd blame the tabir...hahahaa and guess whats my word verification - fliti as in flirty? i like! hahaha

Wel^Beiolman said...

jan ko sedih ba jerry..haha..sia v d atas gunung o nanti.haha..

JerryInc said...

ooo claire.....i like muahahaha
apakah sedih Wel? mana ada masa mau sedih2 owh hehehe