Saturday, February 28, 2009

Front Page News.... supposed good morning was spoiled when i picked up the New Straits Times with the front page header which read: 'Parliament Violated - Scuffle between UMNO youth and PR members as Karpal is waylaid on his way into the house'.

Mind you, i dislike politics and try to avoid reading any politic related materials. but something like this is hard to ignore when it's on the front page with a very intriguing photo cap!

i understand that politics can be dirty, but trying to make a mess outside the parliament house? what good would that bring? i'm not taking any sides here, i don't even know the root of the incident. but what i do know is that, being political figures, there are boundaries not to be crossed. their words and actions should reflect the kind of leadership they're trying to project and being in the political field, there are bound to be harsh exchange of words, allegations and accusations whether it's baseless or proven. when this happens, everyone expects a clean cut, diplomatic solution because come on people, we are a civilized nation!

now, back to the headline...with what has happened, i wonder which side is given the cruddy look? which side looks bad to everyone's eyes? who has the worst leadership skill? it is quite obvious right? i mean, this isn't the first time stuff like these happened. these people aren't running a political party, it looks more like they're the government approved gang members!

while reading through the article, i was thinking...where the hell are the security guards or police?! why wasn't there any intervention by anyone else aside from the party members?.

these are a few things i would like to say to these people:
1. If you can't handle the heat (wisely), step out of it.
2. respect each other
3. to the so called non-bumiputra party: know our place here, this land still belongs to the so called bumiputeras (which is diminishing with the mixed marriage and all, and soon, the status will remain just a word since there won't be any full blooded bumiputeras to run this country...heck, take a long look at their family background:)).

to the so called bumiputra party: be open to changes, stop trying to defend the status quo. start thinking that 'Malaysian' is a race not a status and the obvious respect will be shown by everyone...

all Malaysians deserve the same rights and special treatments irregardless of their background. this isn't the 1950's or the years before that. things are changing, everyone are changing...everyone now has the capability to take care of themselves, we're no longer living in the ignorant and illiterate era...

ps: damn it...i'm rambling nonsense again here aren't i? hahaha :). peace brothers hahaha


cLaiRe Bennet said...

I have to agree tho that Karpal is running loose ba...he said 'celaka' and accuse the UMNO youth rudely in the parliament sitting, then those idiots get crazy and cornered him outside the house...sepa suru juga dia too much kdg2...then buduh jg tu 'pemuda2' pegi tunggu dia begitu then buduh juga tu polis sm security sb biar sja...

these recent political fiasco made me sick...memerhati sja la..hehe

JerryInc said...

itulah bah sa bilang...politics can be vary dirty...but try to handle it professionally lah, bukan mcm style gengster :).