Thursday, February 26, 2009

the optimist...

few weeks ago, i had a drink..(okay, that was a was more like drinks hehehe) with a good friend of mine (yeah woman, you're now officially on my good friend list hahaha). during the course (not intercourse aa muahahaha) of drinking and bar hopping, we managed to talk about random stuff...stupid stuff and eye openers :).

after quite sometime of me guzzling mugs of beers, we came to an interesting topic of love and marriage :). would one wait around for love or would they settle down with second best? (well...i think that's an accurate description of what we talked about hehehe).

i for one is innately conservative and as much as i hate to admit...a stupid romantic hahaha. but i dont simply engage romanticsm with anyone, unless i managed to fool myself into the notion of being in love hahaha.

probably this has been a contributing factor to my failed short relationships, my inability to express or feel love but after my recent breakup, i acquired a new ability, which is the ability to smother the one i thought i loved with excessive affection muahahahaha and since then, i'd rather not feel anything or get into another relationship hahaha.

but despite my nature of being VERY insensitive, i have never imagined myself in a relationship where love is just not present. why? for one, i'm a lazy guy and like i said earlier..a romantic haha. i don't want to work in a relationship just to make love grow. i want to be in a relationship where love is already in place and work my way up from there onwards hahahaha.

but after the talk with the good friend, what she said had some truth to it. i realized that, sometimes love wont happen just by waiting for it. like every other things in life, we have to work for it to make it happen :). and that's my cue to re-think my position. so from now onwards, no more waiting for the good stuff to fall onto my lap and no more expecting things to go smoothly for me :). i'll just work for the things i want in life, in that way..the regret would be much lesser if things didn't work out. at least i can always say 'hey, i tried my best, no regrets here...' or 'it has been good' :).

ps: man....I NEED MORE REST!!! hehehe. morning peeps and ciao :)


Wel^Beiolman said...

adada..i really dont know from where u've learned semua ni :p....u think life is a miracle ba ni...Im sure u know of what comes around goes around ba jg..its not too late ba..there's a priceless time having a drink with close buddy and talk some real shit than 10 hours talking about politics that in the end even you can't do anything about it...haha....

cLaiRe Bennet said...

Lain o kau...malas. hahahaha

You tired of waiting ka jerry? sometimes i am...i'm tired of the games..i'm tired of the uncertainty...i'm tired of looking out...So ni kali sy bercadang mau jadi hantu....kacau urang sja...haahha

JerryInc said...

haha, life is supposed to be full of miracles bah apparently only the special ones get to experience it hahaha.

yeah, that's's nice to have a good friend to :)

tired of waiting claire? more or less lah :). tu lah, i'm just living life as it is. more fun that way hehehe.