Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Sunday...

My few Sundays has been quite dull lately. Usually, i would be in bed nursing my hangover but for the past few weeks, i haven't been drinking like there's no tomorrow (which is quite an achievement i must say hehe). not that i couldn't but i think i'm just quite contented with myself nowadays that i don't need alcohol to have a good time :). so, for the past couple of Sundays, i've been having breakfast at 'Mi Sup Pipin' (Pipin noodle soup) at Inobong, Penampang :).

Okay, there's nothing special about where the place is located or how the place looks like as it is somewhere off from the nearby town and looks somewhat rustic, with residential houses around.

I wasn't expecting much when a friend suggested the place (yeah...i'd like to keep my judgment neutral before presenting my comments), but since everybody who lives in that part of area says it was good, i decided to be a bit adventurous and try it out myself, and i have the honor of having Ms. Kupi to show me the way hahaha.

Now, getting there is a bit here's a simple way (i mean my way) of getting there and this reference is only meant for the locals who knows the road haha.

1. Take the road to Inobong, Penampang (the road which leads to Tambunan).
2. Drive until you reach the Maranatha Church.
3. Make a U-turn and drive back slowly from where you came from while keeping an eye on the left roadside.
4. Keep driving slowly until you reach a small signage which says 'Mi Sup Pipin' or Jln. Tomposik.
5. Turn into the junction and drive straight until you reach an open stall :).

I wasn't impressed with the place the first time i was reminiscent of a long ago chinese hawker stall with it's long wooden tables covered with vinyl plastic covering and its long wooden chair which could accommodate up to 10-20 people per table, not to mention the decorations... it was on the spot chinese. i was informed that the proprietor is of mixed heritage, but it was obvious their chinese ancestry has been watered down and diluted over the past generations :).

When it was time to order the food, i decided to go with what my friend suggested i try out...their infamous that's what i ordered, 'mi sup satu', i placed my order with the captain.

A friend once suggested i try out the mi sup KB (mi sup Kota Belud), so i did and it wasn't as how they described it would was bland, really bland. after my third time, i came to a conclusion that the soup was just overrated by some people hahaha. so based on this experience, i have been somewhat skeptical on the places suggested to me :).

when i said i wasn't expecting anything from this place..i kinda lied, because deep down, i expected or hoped it was as good as what the others told me but the condition of the place wasn't convincing, moreover when i first had a glance at my order haha.

the order didn't look presentable, and it looked like any other ordinary soup. but the moment i tasted it, i knew it was different than anything i've tried before. i'm not saying that it was fabulously delicious, but it was definitely different, with a tinge of everything. it was neither chinese or local but a combination of both, as if a compliment for someone like me who has the best of both in my blood :). for the first time, i didn't mind driving far just for this.

one particular thing i like about this place is the service. this may not be a high class restaurant, but yet, the famous, friendly and familiar Sabahan service is there. a smile and laughter here and there, even the patrons can joke around with them. take for instance while waiting for Kupi to arrive this morning, one of the patrons wanted to use the restroom. instead of saying 'mana jamban kamurang sini?' (where's the toilet here?), he said 'mana ada jual jamban sini aa? (where do you sell the toilet here?)... a sarcastic joke which refers to the current situation here in KK where we would have to pay a small amount just to enter the public restrooms hehe. the joke by the stranger certainly got me smiling ear to ear and the rest of the patrons joined in the laughter soon afterwards :).

anyhow, this was how my Sunday started, breakfast at Inobong and R&R at home. in just a few minutes, i would head out to the Sports Complex for a jog and lose the fats i acquired over the past two days of bingeing at home hahaha.

Ciao pees :)

ps: . been bingeing on margarine...without anything else, wouldn't be surprised if my arteries were clogged . owh..and i'm on half day leave tomorrow, which means i'm only clocking in for work at noon, or 1pm to be exact muahahaha

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