Monday, February 9, 2009

tired of this topic haha

hmm..honestly, i'm not really in the mood for work..didn't exactly get enough sleep last night so feelin a bit sleepy now not to mention i'm still in the festive mood muahaha (yeah yeah i know, should get back to reality and embrace all the pendings in the office haha).

anyhow, i was surfing through the net and one particular story got my attention. You can read more about it yourself here.

Friends...what exactly does it mean? is it only a word or does it signify a deeper meaning to one's being? i've been getting a lot of emails about friendships lately (maybe it's their way of telling me what a sucky friend i am muahahaha), and i've been thinking whether every single person in this whole stupid world needs someone they can call friend.

the term friend is as elusive as what life means. it's a subjective matter, implying different meanings to different people. Go around and ask, 'what is a friend?' and everyone would quote something similar...just as well, their understanding could be from the same sources.

i asked myself..what is a friend, like the others, i could conjure up the answer out of thin air from what i have read. but when i tried to look at the underlaying meaning, i just paused and went blank...well, not exactly blank, but all the things that i have read and practiced on this matter seem to get all jumbled up.

now...some people would start questioning themselves if they were in my shoes, but i didn't, probably because i knew the answer to that. I am a selfish being, who couldn't be bothered much about the everything or anything around me, someone whois always thinking of his best interest before the others, a sarcastic smartass dude who says what needs to be said without being all sweet and nice (i'm not a buttkisser, my compliments are always sincere and my comments are always based on the what is haha) and a guy who likes to have things his way. yeah...but despite all this, i do make room for compromises provided it works well in everyone's favour :). i a friend? ...maybe i am. am i good friend? i could be, if i were to put in more effort into it. does it matter if i were a friend or not? you know what..good question, no i don't and i don't give a bull crap hahaha. One thing i understand about being friends is...accepting someone for who they really are irregardless of how shitty they are. it's all about give and take, they accept you for your quirks and annoyances and vice versa.

I am surrounded by great people..people who doesn't expect more from me (come on lah, what else are there to be expected of anyways hahaha) and although i am not ecstatic about having them around (i still love my privacy okay haha) but i am damn glad to be associated with them hehe.

Ciao peeps

ps: just refreshing a boring topic which came to mind hehe. stubborn as an ox..or is it a bull, a monkey perhaps? hahaha


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JerryInc said...

napa? hahaha

Fridaycat said...

i think it's 'stubborn as a mule'.


shit, now I'M confused.

JerryInc said...

yeah Mel, you should know hehehe :P