Monday, April 13, 2009

the 2.30am maybes..damn it hehe

the clock on the wall shows it's 2.30am and yet, i couldn't sleep. probably the anime marathon i did earlier has something to do with me staying up late (could be the main reason!). knowing that i will be working later isn't helping with the agitated feeling i have been experiencing the whole day.

after giving it a deep thought, it felt like something is missing...well, it has been that way for awhile now but only today did it feel the strongest. if only i could pin-point the source probably i won't feel so restless..hmmmphh. i know i'm not sad because everything is going just well with me and i know i'm not depressed because i dont feel like committing suicide (hahaha).

maybe..just maybe, i need to remember something which i have forgotten. then again, if i have forgotten, doesn't that mean it wasn't worth remembering in the first place? and isn't that what forgetting means.. the inability to remember? some cases, isn't it strange that we could remember and forget at the same time? it's like looking back at ourselves when we were kids...we remember being at a particular park but couldn't remember the exact details of it and the only reason we couldn't remember it is because...there's no point in remembering the past when it no longer matters, heck..i couldn't remember much of my childhood or my teenage years come to think of it hahaha, maybe that's my specialty, being ignorant :p.

or maybe...i'm just tired and in need of new experiences to motivate me :).

goodnite peeps and ciao...

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