Monday, April 13, 2009

heartless you say? :)

today, i decided to work half day at noon time because i couldn't get myself up and running this morning due to my late night net surfing. the moment i stepped into the office, i realized all my colleagues were hyped up about a murder case which came out in the local dailies yesterday mainly because the victim's wife used to be our colleague.

i got to know the news earlier from a reliable source, but decided to ignore it completely. i mean, there's no point for me to indulge in irrelevant stuff like this when it has nothing to do with me right. even when my boss and colleagues talked to me about it, all i said was...'people live and people die, it's all a matter of when and how' only to be sneered at. i know it sounded cold, but what can i say, i didn't feel anything about what had happened so i wasn't obliged to show or pretend that i cared.

i think my boss tried to convince me to be a bit compassionate to the news but i told her that if i were to read in the newspaper about a dog which got stuck and died in a ditch and a news about a man shot or murdered, my pity would go to the dog. apparently the response didn't bring me anywhere close to being awarded the most compassionate guy in the office :).

i dunno about anyone else, but i'm pretty comfortable with not being able to feel anything. i mean, life for me is much more simpler if i relied on logic rather than the ever confusing human emotions. i can't really say it's an improvement for me, when in fact, i used to be like this before. you could's more like getting back to being the person i was before, the old new me hahaha.

honestly, i don't really care if my colleagues think i'm one heartless bastard.. because as long as i'm happy with the way i am now, i couldn't give a damn about what they think and besides, i'm pretty sure they would come up to me for opinions when they need someone whois level headed to help clear up their clouded usual :).

life is good :). ciao peeps...

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