Tuesday, April 21, 2009

coffee? no thank you...:)

'i'm sleepy!!!'

'go make yourself some coffee...'

'but I don't drink coffee'

'oh yeah? why?

'dunno, probably because i prefer tea more...?'

this is more or less the scenario i go through whenever i tell anyone that i'm feeling sleepy or lethargic, it seems that coffee is the answer to everyone who isn't up and running.

sometimes, it annoys me to tell people that 'i don't drink coffee', knowing full well what their response of either words or expression would be like :). then again, i've been asking the same question myself as well, why don't i drink coffee?. honestly, there is no reason for me not to drink coffee, i mean, i'm not allergic to it or do i hate the taste and smell of it... in fact, i love the aroma of coffee beans and freshly brewed coffee!

one thing i'm pretty sure is, coffee has no significance on me whatsoever :). the so called caffeine content is ineffective to the likes of me, i could drink coffee and still be sleepy! in light of this, i'm proud to say that i am invicible to two substances...caffeine and marijuana hahaha.

i intended to elaborate more on coffee, its pros and cons...but decided otherwise because, i suddenly felt like not doing it hahaha. google it up yourself peeps :).

ps: this is quite a short entry isn't it...then again, what the heck :). ciao...


cLaiRe Bennet said...

don't be so annoyed ba daling...sy pun tia suka minum kupi..trus sy paning....hehehehe dan sy mmg gangtster teh la...gimme 5...hehe

JerryInc said...

clap (suda muahahaha)

Gallivanter said...

I neither drink coffee nor tea amigo so you're not alone. Real men drink beer! :-D


JerryInc said...

i beg to differ Daniel...they drink stout! (or only real old men drink those hehehe)