Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the lethargic theory of dreams :)

things has been a bit slow in the office today, but despite the lagged atmosphere...i still managed to get my mind worked up with the pending invoices from my suppliers which has been laying in my in tray unattended for the past couple of weeks, and as i shifted through each and every one of it, i found a couple of invoices dated since last year. darn it, that explains why the supplier has been chasing me for the payment haha. anyhow, all those calculations and follow ups has left me a bit worn out (what can i say...maths always gets my brain tired haha).

the lethargy which stemmed from the nightmares last night didn't do me much good as well. having a nightmare isn't exactly being granted a peaceful sleep and dreaming of two nightmares in both attempts of having an assured rest is like stepping on dog shit twice haha. then again, i kind of appreciate the dreams though. it has been a long time since i had any weird dreams and i was beginning to wonder if there was anything wrong with me hahaha.

dreams, be it bad or good, is just another way of escaping the harsh reality of life. since i'm always in control of my dreams (in a sense that i know i'm in a dream whilst still dreaming), i would take it as a simulator to some of the obvious events that might happen in the future, a preparation of some sort. although the dreams never turn out exactly as how it's supposed to be, but at least, the proxy of situations are close enough to make a deduction of garnering the best possible decision :).

yeah, it is true that when our mind are cluttered with confusion, we tend to encounter nightmares of different sorts and most of us would wake up before the nightmare ends. but if we were to stay on with the dream and overcome the situation, i can assure you that a small part of the confusion will be stripped away leaving you feeling better than you were the day before (that is if you didn't die in your dreams muahahaha, just kidding :p).

on the other hand, i would like to propose a theory on how dreams may affect a person's memory. we know for a fact that our memories would gradually fade away as we age due to the mortality rate of our brain cells. but, if it is true that our memory dies with the cells, isn't it logical to think that it would disappear as immediate as how it was formed in the first place?

okay, so our brain cells wouldn't die instantly, probably it takes time for it to degenerate. in that period, we could theoretically assume the memory would try re-invent itself into something else via dreams instead of transferring itself entirely to another cell because, theoretically speaking, the cells have this understanding among themselves that any new cells which comes to birth has their own duty of creating new memories for the host, so full transference is not even an option.

since it couldn't be transferred as a whole, the old memories would try to make its mark by embedding itself in dreams, hoping the subconscious mind would take note of it and start delegating the bits and pieces in several parts into the existing cells without being too imposing. this could probably be the reason why we couldn't remember our dreams after (give and take) 7 minutes of waking up because by the end of it, the dream has been broken up in fragments due to the unavailability of allocated memory cells for the re-invention of full memory transference, and since memory is without form, it should be feasible to akin dreams to energy, it can't be destroyed but it can be manipulated or transferred :).

so what about those who could remember their dreams upon waking up? well, it could be deduced that the dreams were so profoundly real it made an impact to the mind (which has happened to me on several occasions, i couldn't even tell if it was a dream or an actual event hahaha) or the dreams could be remembered when we instantly and conciously jot down the details upon waking up :).

ps: damn it....this is dumb hahaha...then again, there are still a lot more to discover about us humans...right? ciao peeps :)...

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