Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ramblings of a blogger...

Been awhile since i last posted anything haven't i? honestly i tried, but at the last moment i decided to save it as draft. you might be wondering why and frankly...i don't quite know the reason :).

maybe the fact that my rambling thoughts seem to revolve around my personal life has something to do with it...but don't get me wrong. when i first opened up this blog and the rest of my blogs, i knew i would be rambling mostly about my thoughts and my own personal life, and i was fully aware that i would be making my life an open book for everyone else to read.

what i didn't expect was my tendency to go into details of what exactly i'm going through and the more i think of it..the more i realize, no one really gives a damn about me since they themselves have their own agenda to attend to :).

but then again, how can i not ramble about my own personal stuff when what i've been trying to express is what life is all about in relation to my experiences. yeah..i try to talk about life with me being the basis or subject of observation, comparing my thoughts and experiences to similar individuals or questioning my curiousities and confusions hoping to find the conformations from people who may have the answers. after years of being a blogger, i can safely say that blogging, reading or writing has been therapeutic to both mind and soul :).

as i went through my postings...i realized that i have several old drafts waiting in line to be posted...and from the looks of things, it would probably be kept unpublished indefinitely :).
ciao peeps....

ps: hmm...i think depression just set in, damn it hahaha


Gallivanter said...

You need a vacation. :-)


JerryInc said...

i think so too....hahaha