Friday, December 18, 2009

the date...

the silent laid back web surfing in the middle of the night was interrupted with the special effect sound from the movie 'Transformers' indicating an incoming message on my handphone. the number didn't seem the least familiar and yet, the message sounded like the person knew me well..

'u out drinking kah?', read the message from the anonymous sender

being casual, i simply replied, 'no...y?', hoping for some kind of hint of who the sender might be

'just thinking of you', came the response...

prior to this message, i was thinking of someone from my past, hoping that the person in my mind would at least give me a call or drop me a message...yeah, wishful thinking hahaha.

'hey thanks, but who is this again?', i asked

'it's me...why do you keep deleting my number?' and instantly recognized who the sender was...

'owh sorry, i didn't delete it...there's something wrong with my phone, it can't read my sim card. so, how have you been doing?', not really serious in knowing the answer... it wasn't an interest, but just being courteous with someone i haven't been in touch for a very long time.

'i've been ok. was thinking of how we were before we met'

'errmm.....well, apparently still the same after we did', that was the best answer i can come up with. i mean, i didn't even understand the question. i recall we only went out on 'a' date (i dont think it's even a date haha), we had coffee at 1 Borneo's San Fransisco coffee, we had a good conversation, it happened 2 years ago and we haven't seen each other since!

sometimes, people misconstrue what dating really is. for most people, dating is a game where you go out with someone of your liking and try your best at impressing them. but for some people, dating is just a move to gather intelligence or information of whether the person is suited to be a companion and eventually 'the' wife or husband hahaha. if you don't receive any call from your date the next day, consider yourself blown hahaha. but if we look at things rationally, a date is nothing more than two people going out together and finding the best in each other within the short period of time.

how exactly does this dating game works? simple, it all depends on each other's chemistry. you go out on a date simply because you like them or there's a remote chance that the both of you might end up being together. some might consider a date as a foreplay to getting into his/her pants while others see a potential for a lasting relationship but either way, it requires the consent of both parties to make it happen :).

then again, how would i know anything about dating. i've been out of it for nearly a year now haha. but i do know one thing though, no relationship is complete without that first date ..for most people that is :). ciao peeps haha :p.

so...what are your thoughts on first dates? :)


cLaiRe Bennet said...

sy sukaaa dating! hehe hiburan tu. :D

JerryInc said...

hahaha, nasiblah ko masi muda hahaha