Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dreaming in mid-december...

had a weird tiring dream...nothing scary though. dreamt i was in a big hall with strangers, apparently in some kind of zen influenced martial arts class. we were told to break a wooden board, i refused but my mates insisted. in the end, i gave in...after looking at the rest of the group being unsuccessful at their attempts with a simple knuckle contact technique and being a first timer in the class, i didn't think i could do it. Eventually convinced myself it was all in the mind and the pain is in my control, it's up to me whether i wanna feel it or not and i took my first strike, astounding everyone when the 7" thick board broke.

i was proud of what i did but at the same time ashamed when all eyes were fixed on me. i grabbed my bag and rushed out the front door with a blank mind, i walked until a blinding white light covered my sight and awoke me from my slumber...

see..why can't i have dreams like these as often as before :)..

sometimes we need randomness in our life for it to be more meaningful...:)

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