Thursday, March 4, 2010

i believe...

some of you may disagree with this entry and some may ignore it completely because this write up will be referring to all humans in general.

i'm not sure how many of us can recall our experiences of what we see or hear when we were still toddlers, where life was all too simple and we get easily amused even with the smallest things. i believe we must've been laughing out of excitement when we first took our first step of being able to walk or run with our own two feet. so excited we are that we exhausted ourselves perfecting the baby steps and trying so hard to be like the adults we look so highly upon. And it helps when the adults or the parents expressed their proudness by giving encouraging words or gestures over and over again making us believe that we are doing one hell of a task!

herein my point resides, we need people to believe in us in order to become someone great. but the act of believing works both ways, we need 'to be believed' and 'to believe' by and to someone or something..and this is where i say all humans are weak and strong at the same time.

let's put religion under the microscope as our subject of discussion. for centuries, we homosapiens has placed our belief/s to a one unseen being/s. We have been practicing and refining the art of believing up to the point of finally having several systems of religious constructs, from a lowly believer to the esteemed appointed by the people (or some may claim by God) religious leader/s.

the need to believe in the all seeing being can be easily explained by several factors where nurture and nature plays a big role in molding a person's belief. most of us are stuck with a religion because we were born in it and raised to embrace it and after years of believing what seems to be the ultimate faith, it would be difficult to turn our heads and ignore the divine existence or else be doomed to suffer in the fiery pit of hell for all eternity.

And yet, logic and rationality is against our beliefs, dictating the possibilities of His existence is next to zero, but still, we hung on to the hope that maybe..despite what our God given logic and rationality tells us, He may actually exist and would one day re-appear to save the souls of his believers and to lead those who are lost back to the right path.

We put our faith to something or someone for strength. we need to believe in something in order for us to achieve great things or to guide us to the path we desire. but most of all, we need it as proof of our own existence...that we are alive and living (although remotely) and that we are actually cared for (although it's only the mind saying it).

Geez, i have no idea what i'm rambling here....a sudden burst of idiotic inspiration out of nowhere. but hey, it's better than nothing right? hahaha.

Anyhow, enjoy the video (or rather song) people :).


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I believe..hehe..I agree...

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rajin wor ko menulis jery

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