Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Report- 4th Week of Feb :p

25th February 2010
Location: Loft, Waterfront
Stressed out from work and needed to relax, decided to have a drink with the Gidiots along with theirs truly. it was fun, then is expected when the gidiots are around hahaha

Lesson: good friends are really hard to find, and its hard to let go when they are found :)

26th February 2010
Location: Le Rendez-Vous Wine Cigar and Karaoke Bar

It was a public holiday and i could've spent my time at home watching my online animes but instead, had to work from evening till midnight. Then again, it was an event i organized so i had to be there..but what i didn't like was being the emcee. i'm just no good with spontaneous emceeing hahaha. What event was it? the 2nd Open-Mic themed 'Acoustics' Nite. Turn out was great, better than the first and this time with more participation. all i can say is that, they were great performers to the point they took my mind off on how much i disliked emceeing :p.

Lesson: if you have the talent, do not be afraid to show it...:)

27th February 2010
Location: Lembah Impian

i don't quite remember why i started blogging in the first place. i could read through my initial postings from my first blog and find out but unfortunately i've deleted it due reasons not worth remembering hahaha. anyhow, i do recall needing an outlet to express my thoughts in written form which doesn't require any paper filings :p.

one thing led to another, from needing an outlet for my chaotic mind to blog hopping for inspirations, i soon found myself in a network of bloggers. it wasn't surprising though, things are bound to change just like life...nothing remains the same because overtime each one of us will have to face a new phase in life. whether it's going to be good or bad, no one really knows. all we can do is suck it in, cherish the experiences, learn from the lessons and hope that things will always turn out for the better and if it doesn't happen today, pray that it'll happen tomorrow or the next day or just keep praying until it really happens...but, that's what an optimist would say. a realist like me would say something like; 'you can't go anywhere unless you work to make it happen...idiots!' muahahaha :p. speaking of work, i was supposed to be working on this same night but decided otherwise, good thing my colleague was around to fill me in hahaha.

yeah ok, i got side-tracked there for a bit hahaha. anyhow, the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Gallivanter (in respect to the blogging spirit... besides, it sounds waaay cooler than saying MM Gomez hahaha) organized a simple bloggers gathering at Lembah Impian. Despite coming in late, i had fun nonetheless although my inferiority complex (what? i wanted to say 'shy' bah haha) hindered my inhibitions to mingle around muahahaha (yeah i know, excuses excuses hahaha). then again, i needed this kinda outing to let myself loose once in a while and get the much needed inspirations :).

the fun didn't end there though, it was adjourned to D'Junction and coming from someone who isn't really into the clubbing scene, i had a blast only because everyone was a sport and having the soon to be Mr. & Mrs Hawding (guys, that's the best blogger couple's name i can think of haha)- the crazy couples kept me entertained up until we decided to leave hahaha.

1. Inspirations are abundant, you just need to get out more to find it...(says something about my blogging progress as of late doesn't it? hahaha)

2. Crazy creative people are the coolest, mingle around with them and their creative mind will rub off on you hahahahaha..kidding :p

Cheers peeps..till next time :)


Yo. said...

why your months in december?

Wel^Beiolman said...

haha....weekly report tuk feb tapi event december 2010..telampau advance ko ni tau...haha...future ka ni..ada report tuk december 2010 punya jakpot..haha

JerryInc said...

Yo: damn it...i too advance hahaha
Wel: hahaha, activities forecast bah ni haha

ps: ok lah ok lah...oredi amended the dates. sorry peeps haha

JerryInc said...
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Wel^Beiolman said...

haha..jan ko memanas ba sana..haha...mcm siok sja tu events ko..haha...

kalu ada forecast lg kestau la k..mau jg harap2 yg ada hint no jakpot..haha..

JerryInc said...

hahaha, memanasa kunun hahaha.

wokeh, next forecast sa kasi ko numbur jackpot, tp sa minta 20% jak dr kemenangan dia hahaha

Gallivanter said...

Great to meet up with you, better late than never! :-D


JerryInc said...

haha, touche Daniel hahaha

Anonymous said...

astaga..baru ni link keluar in my blog...LOL! Punya lambat..sot oh!

It was fun kan that nite?? Tengok Mr and mrs hawding menari?? LOL!! LOL!!! Her dance still stuck in my head i tell you...That woman is crazy much fun to be around her!

JerryInc said...

astaga Mel! bangas suda ni hahaha. anyway, congrats on your recent wedding, couldn't attend cos i was preoccupied with something else huhuhu :)