Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dreamcast...the ramble haha

what is it about dreams that fascinates us? is it the fantasy of being able to achieve things that can't be done in the real world or is it the fact that we know it's only temporary so whatever bad things that happens in it wouldn't have a lasting effect in real time.

there's this one particular cousin of mine that whenever only the two of us are drinking, we rarely (very) talk about each other's personal life including work because we believe that no matter how much we talk about it, nothing's really gonna change unless we make it happen. but what we do talk about are stuff which would pique our interests, like the occults, paranormal or parapsychology or some other random weird things and we try to relate the topic on discussion with any scientific findings, whether proven or not, that we've come across which may explain it.

so, last saturday we had another session of random unplanned drinking session which he initiated at my place and after covering several topic, we got to talk about dreams. a dream, as we all know it is an intriguing experience, and so far in my opinion there isn't exactly any definite explanation on why we dream.

well, i wont be wasting any time on explaining to you in details what a dream is all about, here are some links to browse through for your reading pleasure on the topic:

and finally, my own theory from my previous entry hahaha

anyway, what i'm more interested in now is that, why do we sometimes feel like that time is thrown off balanced in certain dreams. for example, a 5-minute dream can rejuvenate a person as if having been asleep for full 3-hours or lethargy as if having been only asleep for less than 3- hours when in fact a full cycle of 7-hours has been completed.

what i can gather is, for time to be thrown off balance, space and time has to play a role and it would be much easier to deduce that the difference in the space time during our R.E.M cycle and real time could be because a dream state could be equivalent to being in another dimension. sounds a bit farfetched and straight out from a science fiction movie doesn't it haha. well, i have yet to come up with a reasonable argument on this but, when i do (or if i ever! haha) figure it out someday i'll definitely share it hahaha.

anyway, in case you guys haven't watched the movie 'Inception' yet, i strongly advise you to! but a word of warning, it'll take much of your imagination and and understanding to figure out the movie hahaha.

been awhile since i last rambled like an idiot haven't i? haha. ciao :)


CJane said...

Sometimes I wonder if dreams are a way of our mind communicating with us, telling us of what our heart really wants or what the brain really thinks? lol

For the past 2 months, I've been dreaming about my ex whom I haven't seen for ages. Weird thing was, I've never been thinking about him.

Stupid bah kan? haha

JerryInc said...

hahaha, our brain is a complicated matter. regardless of whatever it does, we are still yet to comprehend its full potential. and throw in emotion to it? now, that's a whole new level of complication hahaha.

haha, it's not stupid. look at it this way, i think your brain is just discarding the useless information in your memory storage to make way for new ones. like a hardisk that needs to be defragmented for more space hahaha

CJane said...

true also! in a scientific explanation, that could be the explanation!

...and one of my girl friend kept telling me that maybe my ex was doing some black magic on me so i'd go back to him. LOL!!!!

JerryInc said...

haha, i'd rather go with my theory haha

CJane said...

It's Sept 3rd already.. how come no latest post? lol

Pill Pusher said...

Dream... could it be human last frontier?

JerryInc said...

CJane: coming p...soon..hopefully hahaha

Pill Pusher: last or the only frontier? are you saying that heaven and hell doesn't exist? :P