Monday, February 21, 2011

i dreamt of loomington...

'Loomington, NOOO!!!', i forced myself to scream but instead of saying it from the top of my lungs, only a mutter escaped the lips. yeah, I was frozen and could clearly see someone at the foot of my bed swinging an axe down when i choked on my own words only to realize i was still dreaming.

how the name appeared, i have no idea. it just slipped out and the clarity of the dream was real that i could picture the person's attire and type of axe he was carrying, but what's scary was his smiling face, a menacing grin of some sort...something like the mad hatter's disposition.

for those who read my FB status update today, i wrote the person's name as loomingdale instead of loomington. only when i refered to my dream journal did i notice the typo...yeah, i do take down notes of the dreams that i can remember upon waking up for accuracy (talk about being a geek :p)

few people told me it must've been something i read or watched before going to bed, that could've been a logical explanation although i don't remember watching or reading anything creepy or remotely similar to that. i like the idea of a ghostly manifestation, but what's the point of scaring myself with that kinda thought hahaha.

speaking about nightmares, it's an occurrence where fear or horror is triggered during your REM cycle. there are several factors which my cause it such as sleeping position, physical health or psychology. whatever the cause is, it's still a dream and harmless unless we let them affect us profoundly because there is such a thing as death by dreams where intense emotion could induce a heart attack or serious arrhythmia although the chances of healthy individuals being affected by it is slim.

but just to spook the guys/ men, you may want to read up on the 'Brugada syndrom', quite interesting i must say :D.

don't worry, if you do have nightmares, it doesn't mean that you're strange or different than the others. it's normal to have a night mare once in a while (but you need to get checked up if the nightmares persist over a long period of time). here are some tips which you may practice to avoid being in a nightmare (and these tips only applies to children muahahaha):

Get into a healthy sleep routine. Try to go to bed about the same time and wake up at the same time every day. Unless you're sick or didn't get enough sleep the night before, avoid naps during the day. Avoid eating or exercising just before bedtime. Avoid scary books or movies before bedtime if you think they might be causing your nightmares.

Sleep with a stuffed toy or favorite blanket. This helps some kids feel more secure.

Use a nightlight. Even if you gave up yours up years ago, you might want to turn it back on. With a nightlight, if you awake from a nightmare, you'll be able to see familiar things and remember where you are.

Keep your door open. This will help you remember that your family is close by. If you are scared, get up and find someone for reassurance. You're never too old for a hug!


hahahaha, now..that feels a lot better. ciao peeps hahaha

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