Thursday, April 10, 2008

blog hopping..

i havent been reading anyone else's blog after deleting my wordpress account. and after ignoring them for some time, i decided to check out their latest updates. suffice to say, nothing much has changed since the last time i browsed (which was on march 22nd hehe).

why do people blog? what exactly are they trying get through? what are their motives of blogging? i asked the same questions to myself and my answers are...

i kinda like writing. i have been putting my thoughts into words way before this blogging fad existed but those thoughts were in a journal or diary if you may call it. writing is my way of dealing with the turbulence within, a way of materializing the unseen (thoughts) into something solid so that it can be handled appropriately.

back when i was a lot younger, i used to be in trouble because of the journals. apparently my parents didnt like what i wrote in them and in my defense i told them 'those were my thoughts and you weren't meant to read them!', well, my mom's reply got stuck in my head until today 'dad was really dissapointed with what you've written...'.

i've always known that i have a complicated mind, i was constantly looking for answers to irrelevant questions. i looked at things differently cos i was different, but nobody sees fact, my parents tried to condition me to be like the other kids but i guess they failed hahaha. probably i'm just to independent and unpredictable for them.

my thoughts in my journals during my pre-pubescent and adolescent years were kinda harsh cos back then i didnt have anyone i can look up to or speak to, i was constantly looking for answers alone, and writing was a big help in terms of it lets me analyze my situations more clearly :)

there you have it, the only reason that drives me to open up a blogging account is because i simply love writing, nothing more and nothing less. the people that i got to know from the course of it is just a bonus (not that it matters :)).

ciao peeps :)

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