Wednesday, April 23, 2008

blogs blogs blogs...

as of tonight, i am now actively blog hopping to everyone's blogs..and when i say everyone, i meant every blog that i lay my eyes on hahaha. havent been doing much of blog hopping recently, but after stumbling on i now have (practically) everyone's blog in my hands muahahaha (ehem ehem...).

if i had known of this site earlier, i would have made my transition from Wordpress to Sabahanblog instead of Blogspot (not that i have any problem with it or anything hehe). One thing about Wordpress is that, altering the outlook is quite troublesome, you actually need to pay them for the HTML editing function (not that i'm good with it hehe) which i actually did pay for it only to regret it in the end cos i dont have any f*****g idea how the HTML thingy works hahahaha. besides, i tried tinkering with the syntax and all only to make it worse (though not that obvious...only i knew what wasnt right haha). i was quite worried with the transit here to Blogspot as there were rumors running around that this site is more susceptible to virus attacks (or was it viral...aaaahh, whichever haha).

okay, so as i was browsing through the blogs in, a message suddenly appeared in the window which went like this 'Error establishing a database connection' and i went like 'WTF!!', just when i was being familiar with the blogs available the server had to be in error. geez...then again i figured since this site is quite new, they're bound to face some technical glitch (well, which site doesnt? hahaha). anyway, i did sign up for an account with them (which i am still figuring out why :P)..probably the extension sabahanblog somewhat interested me hahaha (quite shallow arent i? hahaha). maybe i need a blog which caters to my sabahan side...errr wait, which part of me isnt Sabahan? hahaha.

having more than a blog is quite a hassle to say the least. i used to have more than 3 blogs at one time and maintaining each one of them isn't easy. needed those blogs as an outlet to the different sides of me but as time passes, the need to separate myself into different sides became an impractical move. we live in a pretentious and biased world, everybody only see what they want to see and because of this, everybody acts the way how people would want to see them as. i was no exception as well, but having realised the hypocrisy i decided to make a final change (to this blogging arena hahaha). so here i am with the same old me, but better (man, such pride and vanity...oo wait, i'm a Leo, i should have both traits hahaha). seems like i will be exposing myself again in the blogging world soon :p.

crap, it's 11pm...i should be catching up with my Z's now. goodnite peeps :)...

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