Wednesday, April 23, 2008

rain..the soul calmer :)

been quite sometime since i last played under the rain..well, not exactly play per se :). it was raining quite heavily this evening at my work area and since i parked further out at the parking lot, i didnt have much of an option to be dry to reach my car.

i started with a fast pace when i realized that it wouldnt make any difference even if i were to run, so i took my time strolling my way to the car under the rain while thinking this has to be one of those stuff i havent been doing for a very long time. when i reached my car, i didnt get in it straight away...i actually sat down on the lot divider and basked in the falling rain. it felt good..real good, in a melancholic way :).

i've always loved the rain, i am one of those who gets weirdly excited when it starts raining. during college days years back, i would be outside the house enjoying the downpour. well, i wasnt alone though, one of my housemate would join me in the 'get-yourself-wet' session and apparently, only the both of us has this weird knack of rain fetish (can it even be called a fetish? hahaha). to make it even worse...i love the sound of thunders and flashes of lightning as well haha, we'll get to that in my future entries (if i remember hehe).

i'm not really sure about what others think of the rain, but personally i think it's one of God's greatest gift to earth and man. i dunno why, but getting soaked under the rain has always been a calming and relaxing remedy to my being. the only way i can explain it is feels like all the things that has been bothering you are washed away in the rain and you're left with this renewed hope of everything will turn out fine. hahaha, i bet none of you can fathom what the hell i'm rambling about here hahaha.

if i were to associate myself with the 4 elements (earth, fire, wind, water), i might probably be torn between wind and water. why? well, one similarity these two elements share is gives out a sense of freedom, the feeling of being able to fly. if the wind symbolizes soaring freedom, then the water symbolizes static drowning. i lost you there didnt i? hehehe. okay, imagine this...imagine the wind passing through you while your arms are wide open and eyes closed (remember titanic hehe), if you just let your imagination soar, you might experience a feeling of flying and if you do open up your eyes and look up to the skies you might be able to grasp what freedom really means.

as for water, just picture yourself submerged underwater (which i think everyone has experienced it). you can either just be still and feel the calmness and tranquil silence or swim around as if you're actually flying :). yeah, come to think of it..thats what i would normally be doing in a swimming pool. but instead of swimming around, i would leave my body submerged and just bask in the silence (although doing that in a public swimming pool is a bit difficult cos you can never escape the sound water splashes hehe). but i think the water happens to be one of my biggest weakness as well...i have this this fear (or phobia??) on colored waters or deep waters. hey, i am good swimmer but that doesnt mean i'm not afraid of these situations (even the deep end pool freaks me out sometimes haha).

newsflash, there's a price to pay for those people who intends on doing rain basking as a hobby. take good care of your own health or you might catch the sniffles...cos i just did huhuhu :P. dang....:)

hmm...didnt think i have much to say about this :).

ciao peeps :)..

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