Saturday, March 22, 2008

the brand new me...and a mean one at it :)

Hello World!! :) (man it's good to say that hehe)...

i've decided to open up a new blogging account and delete the old ones (yeah, note the plural haha) as i figured i need to have new perspectives on my surrounding. my previous blogs are too influenced by my readers and it's eating me inside not being able to say out what needs to be said :).

so cheers peeps :).

*well okay, i lied...not exactly new perspectives instead more honesty to my own thoughts and opinions without having to think about anyone else. in other words, a blog which caters to my ignorance to what other people feels and think. so if any of you people do stumble on my blog and doesn't agree or got hurt with my opinions, all i can say is...TOUGH, deal with it! this is my blog and i can do what i want :).

will make this blog public after my 100th entry or until i'm ready to let the people in my personal life hehe. ciao..

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