Sunday, April 20, 2008

the cruise...

well okay, island hopping was cancelled. instead, we went for a river and sea cruise. and guess what, i nearly turned down this opportunity just so i can accommodate my other plans but good thing my judgement got the better of me (see, trusting the instinct is always the way to go hehe) or else i wouldnt have known what i had just missed hehe. but fyi, this is an impromptu activity..i was just absorbed into the planning for no apparent reason hehehe (yeah right :))

anyway, we started off with the river cruise along the mengkabong river (and 2 bottles of Moet Chandon toloosen everyone up :)), had a chance to see the mangroves in the area and even visited one of the local houses there to experience their traditional delicacies (which was only a coconut, 'penjaram' cake, coffee (which i didnt have any cos i'm more of a tea person, maybe its the chinese in me hehe). we stayed at the village for more than an hour before proceeding with the next activity.

let me be more clearer with the activities chronologically. we parted from the dock at 4.30pm and went straight for the river cruise. the river cruise took us about 30minutes where all the time we just cruised along the river while enjoying the natural scenery, the mangroves and dropped our baits for the crab catching activity and headed straight to one of the local houses. by the time we finished our 'village' experience, it was already 6.30pm and the sun had already set (damn it, was really looking forward for the cocktail while watching the sunset hehe). we then went to pickup our baits to see if we caught any crabs in our trap and we did, i managed to catch myself a female river crab and the biggest one compared to the rest muahahaha (well, the rest mostly caught baby crabs and disgusting looking sea cucumber hehe).

since there wasnt much activity to do left as it was already getting dark, we had the captain to head out to open waters for a night view of the city. i couldnt stand sitting in the boat cos i needed to feel the wind blowing on my face (or else i might get sea sick), so i stepped out from the boat and just stood along the narrow walkway on the boat side. when we reached the town it was already half past 7. its actually a new perspective for me to look at the city from across the sea, the lighting were just nice. we stayed there for a few minutes before heading back to where we started from and by the time we got there, it was already 8.45..and by that time...i was already drunk (with the cheapest wine around, the Hardy's) hahaha. didnt even get to go for my ex-colleague's farewell hehe.

well, enjoy the pics i had taken throughout the trip :).

ciao peeps :)

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