Monday, April 21, 2008

off today..

probably i really do need to get a prescription for my sleeping difficulty. havent been sleeping well lately (ever since that day...or weeks prior to that day). but last night was the worst, i was sleepy and tired from not doing anything but hard as i try, i just couldnt get myself to doze off.

i knew the reason why..i had a lot of things running in my mind, past events kept popping into mind and i was reflecting on what i did wrong, what happened and how can i overcome it. yeah, all these kept me instead of just lying and turning around in bed i decided to log into the internet, ..until 5 in the morning.

i woke up at around 7 am and contemplated whether i should stay at home or go to work, and after 15 minutes of pondering over the matter i came to a decision to stay at home. texted my boss and told her that i am applying for an Emergency Leave for the day and since i'm not much of a good liar, i told her the exact reason why. well, my leave was approved right away and i stayed in bed for the next few hours...

i dont really like staying at home that much during a weekday, i'd much rather spend my time in the office than staying at home doing nothing at all. at least, there's something for me to do in the office...

anyway, since i will be at home for the whole day today i might as well bring my dog for a walk...yeah thats it, havent been spending much time with him due to my schedule :).

i noticed it was a full moon last night, and the night before when i took a break to have a ciggy out at the verandah. i felt compelled to take a moonlit stroll like i used to do before, but i decided to go against it cos it was already 5am and there are already people preparing to go to work, basically..there would be people around and they might be suspicious of seeing me walking around aimlessly.

anyway, might be loggin off soon and continue my afternoon nap.. :)

ciao peeps..

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