Monday, April 21, 2008

black out!!

Darn it, now i'm pretty sure i wont be able to survive in the city without any electricity..or technology even!! hahaha

yeah, we had a blackout..and i think it was a massive blackout as nearly the whole of Sabah was affected by it (which hopefully is just an exaggeration hehe). anyway, i was damn bored not knowing what to do.

so, in order to pass time while waiting for the electricity to resume, i decided to make the night more drinking hahaha. yeah, was going through the stuff at home when i chanced upon the leftover of a bottle of Sheridans hahaha. but i wasnt alone though, i called up my cousin next door to join me for a drink cos at a time like this, it's much better to have a company :).

as i was saying, the black out was really bad this time as it effected nearly most areas in this state. i would expect to read the complaints tomorrow in the dailies from residents and business owners of the losses which has incurred due to the inefficiency of the relevant authority. sad idiots..

hey, i'm one of the consumers okay, and i was also affected by it. but i am also a human being, and a rational one as well. it wouldnt be right to blame the relevant authorities for what has happened, newsflash...shit happens and nothing is perfect! hahaha

the blackout persisted for about approximately three hours and the moment the electricity was back on, i actually gave out a loud sigh of relief hahaha. well, i think thats all for now. need to get a bath, i smell like a dog :). i was playing with him before the mentioned drinking session hehe..

ciao peeps :).

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